Yosef walking on Haida Gwaii

Yosef on Haida Gwaii. Photo by Avi Wosk. (Click)

Congratulations. You have reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Click on the link [below] and you will gain access a 700-plus-page curriculum vitae that encapsulates the actions and activities and proclivities of Yosef Wosk. It took two years of consultation to co-produce this document. Without it, the dynamism of Yosef Wosk’s imagination, generosity and wisdom would be overlooked by the camouflage of humility. With it, the creativity of his contributions, at home and abroad, is rendered undeniable.

Download Yosef Wosk’s C.V. here.

Among his many achievements, Yosef Wosk has become known as a compelling and erudite public speaker. Go to page 101 of the aforementioned curriculum vitae for a partial list of the countless public addresses he has made. Here is one, relatively brief example of Yosef Wosk’s public oratory style — his keynote address for the 34th annual Cherie Smith Jewish Book Festival in Vancouver on February 10, 2024.