Since the tradition of philosophical dialogue in coffee-houses was revived in Paris in the 1990s, public venues for participatory philosophy have sprung up in numerous countries, taking many forms. Yosef Wosk’s founding of the Philosophers’ Cafe movement in British Columbia led to a yet-to-be published manuscript about the phenomenon, Cafe Conversations: Democracy and Dialogue in Public Spaces, edited by Michael Picard, to examine and celebrate the phenomenon of philosophy, as practiced in a non-hierarchical format, in cafe-like venues. It is an attempt to explore “the simple activity of reasoning together in a cafe is of interest to democratic theory, epistemology, social philosophy, philosophy of education.”

The Fanny Kiefer Show introduced Yosef Wosk as “one of Canada’s leading thinkers, as well as a rabbi, author, businessman, musician, art collector, philanthropist, visionary and academic. Dr. Yosef Wosk has endowed over two hundred libraries and museums worldwide. Host Fanny Kiefer discussed The Philosophers’ Café concept with him during an interview first broadcast on September 24, 2008 for Studio 4, Shaw TV, Vancouver to mark the tenth anniversary of the Philosophers Cafe movement.

Here is that interview.

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