Books and Literary Projects (including Chapters, Introductions, Prefaces and Afterwords)

Naked in a Pyramid


“In Naked in a Pyramid, we meet the real Yosef Wosk, a curious, compassionate, and open-minded soul who’s tried his best to seek meaning in the world and comfort others, even while plagued with self-doubt… It’s one of those rare books that you wish will never end.” — Charlie Smith, Pancouver


“Wosk is honest enough to declare himself “an imperfect messenger.” Yet these are the kind of generational “travel” stories that are easy to love, the trail-markings of “a lost and found pilgrim on the road to apotheosis.” — Trevor Carolan, BC Review

Ticket to Ride Video link.

The Nature of Story Video link.


“The intensity with which he lives the places he encounters makes for a fascinating read.” — Pat Johnson, Jewish Independent


“A philanthropist, educator, rabbi, activist and devout seeker, Wosk has written a book packed with stories of his extensive travels to both Poles, 150 countries and 1,000-plus cities. It is a wide-ranging travelogue peppered with eye-opening and fascinating intellectual, spiritual and emotional journeys.

Cat and Book

Photo by Rahel Wosk

“I have read his books and worked with him before, so I was accustomed to the spiritual and rabbinical type of discourse he would usually present. But this one is so different,” Camil Hewitt says. “This is a Yosef Wosk that most people don’t know. He finally lets people into his private world a little bit, and you know that’s reason to rejoice.”

“Wosk, who was an assistant to Nobel Prize-winning author and Holocaust expert and survivor Elie Wiesel, says travel is his foundation for learning and growth.

“It’s the way I think, feel,” Wosk said during a recent phone interview. “The emotions and the spirit behind the travel is the main reason that I travel. There’s always the curiosity and wanting to experience things. And I often think, why do we want to or need to be an eyewitness to something? And why does it make such a difference to want or need to be an explorer? What’s on the other side of the hill? And I find that is not just in the physical realm but also in the emotional, intellectual, spiritual.”

“The son of Morris J. Wosk, the co-founder of the Wosk’s Furniture chain of stores and successful real estate developer, Wosk had the opportunity to travel from a young age. “I think it is an integral part of human consciousness — everyone has it. But maybe some don’t have the opportunity to travel as much or the luxury to ask the questions, the time and to allow themselves to be disturbed by it, or be stimulated by it or challenged by it,” says Wosk, who soon turns 75.

“As the festival nears and the war continues, Wosk, who was living in Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, says it is important for events like the Jewish Book Festival to go ahead. And, like Camil Hewitt, he points to the need of community as a salve in stressful times.

“Community and the sharing of ideas is part of what sustains us,” says Wosk. “We try to support one another and keep perspective. “It’s a constant, low-level stress and we cannot let down our guard. I can’t speak for everyone … but if there was one word that is thematic for the Jewish people, maybe two words, one is shama and the other is shalom. Shama means to listen, to hear, to notice. And shalom is peace, and it means completeness.” On the subject of the Israel-Hamas war, Wosk says he has to have hope that peace is on the horizon. “If you don’t have hope, it’s as if you’re not alive. You’re defeated. You’re dead,” he says. “Hope is not just a theory.”  — Dana Gee, The Vancouver Sun.

“An astonishing life story told with passion and insight, bravery and humility.” — Gareth Sirotnik, author of Running Tough: The Story of Vancouver’s Jack Diamond

BOOK LAUNCH READING: Motel Earth, a tribute to Marilyn Monroe. From Naked in a Pyramid.

BOOK LAUNCH EXPLANATION OF TITLE: The adventure that gave rise to the title chapter, Naked In A Pyramid.

Read the book review by Pat Johnson of  the Jewish Independent here. 


Gidal: The Unusual Friendship of Yosef Wosk and Tim Gidal


GIDAL: The Unusual Friendship of Yosef Wosk and Tim Gidal (Letters & Photographs)

Correspondence between Tim Gidal (Jerusalem) and Yosef (Vancouver) between 1993 and 1996. Illustrated by over 60 of pioneering photojournalist Gidal’s photographs in the Yosef Wosk Collection. Curated and with associate editing, footnotes and preface by Yosef. Douglas & McIntyre Publishers, Madeira Park, B.C. “Douglas & McIntyre is one of Canada’s pre-eminent independent book publishers, specializing in books of national interest including history, art, current affairs, Indigenous subjects, literary fiction and cookbooks.”  (2022)

Dr. Leesa Rittelmann, Associate Professor of Art History, State University of New York, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Fredonia, wrote a review of the book that includes the following quotes:

“Gidal, Letters and Photographs cements Nachum Tim Gidal’s importance as a photojournalist, modern photographer, scholar and chronicler of modern Jewish history within a broader history of photography that too often celebrates passing aesthetic and theoretical musings over the direct expression of the human condition that is the bedrock of Gidal’s impressive oeuvre.

Perhaps more importantly, the extensive letters included between the photographer and his friend, patron and mentee Yosef Wosk, lend [profound] insight into both men’s wit, compassion, professional ambition and understanding of the importance of nurturing and maintaining deep personal connections via written correspondence across two decades and continents.

Gidal was insistent that the best photographs are those in which the subjects are allowed to express themselves without unnecessary mediation on the part of the photographer or publisher. The intimate letters exchanged by these two extraordinary men reveal both to be as compelling and complicated as the subjects depicted in the accompanying photographs themselves.”

She added: “I could have written pages about the Gidal book and found the correspondence fascinating and enlightening. I feel like I got to know Yosef personally (what a life), was tickled by Gidal’s wit and impressed that he understood precisely how valuable his images were to both modern Jewish history and the history of the medium.”

Reid Shier, Director of The Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver, and curator for the Canada Pavilion, 2022 Venice Biennale, wrote:

“Looking at Gidal’s images from the 1930s and 40s, one asks why we have not seen more of this extraordinary photographer’s work. His naturalistic eye, coupled to a keenness for formal experimentation, persuasively argues for both his deep humanism and creative ambition. Gidal’s photographs shed new light on some of our most critical historical moments while remaining—as only happens in the hands of a great artist—resolutely and startingly fresh. We can be grateful for Wosk’s friendship and long-standing passion that we have the renewed opportunity to understand more of Gidal and his work.”

BC BookWorld article on Gidal

BC BookWorld article on Gidal. Winter 2022-2023 Edition

Click here to read the review of this book in the Georgia Straight


Café Conversations: Democracy and Dialogue in Public Spaces

Edited by Michael Picard; conceived of by Brian Kaufman, publisher of Anvil Press, Michael Picard, and Yosef who wrote two chapters: “Philosophers’ Café: A Synoptic History” and “Communications in the Cosmic Café: A Universal Choreography”, with illustrations by cartoonist Graham Harrop and Robert Fludd (1619). Other authors hail from Belgium, France, Brazil, USA, Canada, Japan, Israel, Netherlands, Germany, Peru and Greece. Anvil Press, Vancouver.  (2022)



Out of Hiding


Out of Hiding: Holocaust Literature of British Columbia

Conceived of and edited by Alan Twigg, with an Afterword—”Out of Hiding: Questions and Answers from the Depths”— by Yosef. [This research also resulted in the unpublished 64-page manuscript, “A Résumé of Shoah, Genocide, Racism & Human Rights Initiatives” and another 30 pages of “Jewish Reactions to the Holocaust” by Yosef. These may be expanded and published.] Out of Hiding is the first-ever regional cross-section of Holocaust literature in Canada—examining 85 authors and 160 books. Ronsdale Press, Vancouver.  (2022)


Memories of Jewish Poland
Memories of Jewish Poland: The 1932 Photographs of Nachum Tim Gidal

Featuring photographs by Gidal from the collections of Wosk and the Israel Museum. Curated and with preface by Yosef Wosk; Introduction by Nissan Perez, founding curator of photography, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Coordinated by Diane Evans. Canadian book launch accompanied by featured photography exhibit at the Zack Gallery, Vancouver, as part of the Jewish Book Festival (January – February 2021). Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem & New York and Aryel Publishing House, Vancouver.  (2020)


Canadian Museums Association President’s Medal and Book

The first iteration of the aforementioned book and medal (2019) needed alterations. It was designed and produced by artist Robert Chaplin in association with John McAvity, former CEO of the Canadian Museums Association, and Yosef Wosk, who commissioned the medal and wrote the text. It was re-published as Handle With Care, President’s Award, Canadian Museums Association by Yosef Wosk [A Manipuler Avec Précaution, Le Prix Du Président par Yosef Wosk] by the Canadian Museums Association in Ottawa (April 2019).


Five Blessings and a Dare
Five Blessings and A Dare

Subtitled: Response to graduands at the graduation and honorary doctorate ceremonies of Simon Fraser University. A revised and illustrated fine press version of the Response to Graduands offered by Yosef upon being presented with the degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa by Simon Fraser University, June 14, 2012. With extensive endnotes; illustrated. It also contains “Citation from the Senate” prepared by Dr Sam Black, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy, former Vice-Chair of the Senate and former editor of The Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Also an article by columnist Douglas Todd—“Rabbi Urges Grads to be ‘Beggars, Thieves, Fools, Arrogant, and Masters of Destruction’”—that originally appeared in The Vancouver Sun, June 16, 2012.
Comments on the book include:

    • “It is both profound and beautiful from start to finish. It has been a constant delight to me to be a small satellite in your orbit. I am grateful always for all you do and for the example you set.”—Anne Giardini, lawyer, author, business leader, Chancellor SFU; daughter of Canadian novelist, Carol Shields.
    • Five Blessings and a Dare is a beautiful book and an extraordinary convocation address. A masterpiece of intellectual and artistic work.”—Jack Blaney, president emeritus SFU.
    • Five Blessings and a Dare is a true rabbinical masterpiece… Not so long ago, I was also writing something about the need to go beyond mere civil disobedience, to reach for something deeper. Now I see that you and Dovid Lifshitz had already said it clearly: ‘Entire civilizations sometimes need to be defied.’ I’m delighted to have the book.”—Robert Bringhurst, poet, cultural historian and master typographer.

Book designed by Robert R. Reid; limited edition of 50 copies, printed by MET Fine Printers and bound by the Rasmussen Bindery using hand-marbled paper made by Phyllis Greenwood. Aryel Publishing House, Vancouver.  (2018)  This was one of the nicest examples.


Sustenance Book Jacket


Prose-poetry article, pp. 98-102, in poetry anthology Sustenance: Writers from BC and beyond on the subject of food, edited and with a foreword by Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose. The book “brings to the table some of Canada’s best contemporary writers, celebrating all that is unique about Vancouver’s literary and culinary scene. Punctuated by beautiful local food photographs, interviews with and recipes from some of our top local chefs, each of these short pieces will shock, comfort, praise, entice, or invite reconciliation, all while illuminating our living history through the lens of food.” The book, whose proceeds were donated to social services and welcoming refugees, was published as Rose’s legacy project after serving three years as poet laureate. Anvil Press, Vancouver.  (2017)


Heroine of a Thousand Pieces

Judith as Literary Mosaic: An Archetype for the Ages

Significant scholarly chapter with almost 200 footnotes, pp. 11 – 45, in Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca, which also contained essays by Lilian Broca, Sheila Campbell, Angela Clarke, and Adolfo Roitman, with a foreword by Rosa Graci. Publication was accompanied by major exhibits of the original large scale glass mosaics—Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca—at Il Museo at the Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver, Nov. 12, 2015 – March 31, 2016, at Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre, Toronto, May 5 – July 4, 2016, and the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas, from mid-January to mid-April, 2017.

Excerpt from Yosef’s chapter: “Only one thing is certain: that Judith is mosaic. She is ten thousand tesserae, each one a detail of her complicated confessions, each one glinting under sun’s searching eye, each one swaying below moon’s diaphanous skirts, each one dancing in the moving mind of an absent God.” Book published by Il Museo at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver.  (2015)


Reflections on Robert Reid

Yosef Wosk supplied the text for The Alcuin Society presents The Robert Reid Medal for a Lifetime of Excellence in the Book Arts in Canada, translated into French by Sabine Mabardi. Typographer and poet Robert Bringhurst, a laureate of the award in 2019, described the text as “heartfelt, eloquent, brief, apt, and extraordinarily generous—all the things that awards ceremonies almost never are.” The article, first published in the Reid Award & Medal Book in 2010, was reprinted in The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada catalogue in 2012. It has been distributed in a book format as part of a national award ceremony and it was accompanied by a gold-plated medal [dimensional illustration above] designed by Robert Chaplin.


The Hidden and The Revealed
The Hidden and the Revealed: The Queen Esther Mosaics of Lilian Broca  

Highly illustrated with chapters by Lilian Broca (“Bringing Esther to Light”), Sheila Campbell (“A Biblical Thriller, Told for Centuries”), highly annotated prose poem by Yosef Wosk (“Beneath the Mask: Fragments of an Estr Scroll”), and Preface by Judy Chicago (“Envisioning [S]heroism”). Editor, Gareth Sirotnik; Designer, Linda Coe. Copyright Lilian Broca and Yosef Wosk.

Yosef was a featured author at the Jewish Book Festival, The Hidden and the Revealed book launch and reception (November 27, 2011). Excerpt from the program catalogue (p. 8): “Scholar, rabbi, SFU professor, Yosef Wosk, took inspiration from Broca’s mosaic to create a lyrical prose-poem in the voice of Esther, that is so striking and unique, the work must be read for itself to be fully appreciated. The prose is accompanied by scholarly notes illuminating Wosk’s extensive investigation of biblical, rabbinical, comparative religious and mythological aspects of the Esther story.”

The Esther mosaics exhibition and book were featured in Vancouver at Il Museo, the Italian Cultural Centre, in 2011, at the J. D. Carrier Art Gallery in Toronto. and at the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas, Texas, 2017. Gefen Publishing House, New York, Jerusalem.  (2011)


Museum as Metaphor and Matter: A preface to the Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia

An inspired Preface to the 210-page souvenir book Celebrating the Opening of the Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia, pp. 25 – 28. Chapter headings include “Museum as microcosm,” “We are all museums,” “Exhibitions, collections & research,” “A host for intangible heritage and a virtual presence,” “The last major communal institution,” “The story of a fascinating people,” and “The museum belongs to us all.” The book was subsequently edited and reprinted twice as keepsakes. The Jewish Museum & Archives of B.C. is administered by The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.  (March 25, 2007)

Dispatches from the Global Village by Derek Evans; Yosef invited to write the Introduction. Woodlake Publishing, Inc., Kelowna, B.C. (2007)

Museum as Matter and Metaphore


Reflections of Art and the Artist

Reflections on Art & the Artist

Based upon honorary doctorate oration for the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, book text by Yosef Wosk, preface by Ron Burnett, two tip-in colour illustrations, chapbook designed by Robert R. Reid, ed. of 500 and 50 deluxe copies. Aryel Publishing House, Vancouver.  (2005)


Judaism and Civilization

Chapter in Dialogue of Civilizations: A New Peace Agenda for a New Millennium, edited by Majid Tehranian and David W. Chappell, preface by Hans Kung; I. B. Tauris Publishers, London & New York in association with The Toda Institute for Global Peace and Policy Research, Hawaii and Tokyo. English (2002) and Japanese [Bunmei-kan no Taiwa] (2003) editions.


The Bat-Yiftach Ceremony

Chapter in Jewish Prayer: A Festschrift in Honor of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi; edited by Jonathan Omer-man, on “the science, technology, and philosophy of prayer.” Jason Aronson Publishers, Northvale, New Jersey.  (1997)


Dedication of the Aldine Collection: Reflections and A Note on Aldus and the Dolphin Impressa
Chapter ii, pp. 11 – 26 in Festina Lente: A Celebration of the Wosk-McDonald Aldine Collection at Simon Fraser University. Topics include Aldus Manutius (1449-1515), early printed books, printing in Venice, Italy. Authors include Ralph Stanton, Yosef Wosk, and Hugh McDonald; introduction by John O. Stubbs. Regarding Yosef’s chapter, Marino Zorzi, the eminent librarian from the Marciana Library in Venice, “specifically commented on your offering and noted that the footnote on the dolphin and anchor was a scholarly contribution to Aldine studies” [in Nov. 28. 1996 letter from John Keenlyside, Chair, Friends of the Library, and John Stubbs, President of SFU]. W.A.C. Bennett Library, Special Collections and Rare Book Division, Simon Fraser University. Published by Simon Fraser University Friends of the Library & The Alcuin Society.  (1996)

Pending Book Projects

Naked in a Pyramid: Adventures in Psychogeography. Essays on travel, including deeper reflections on the psychology, mysticism and mythology of travel. (c. 2023)

Omnibus An anthology featuring selections from fifty years of Yosef’s collected writings including letters, lectures, speeches, interviews, essays, abridged theses and dissertations, as well as material from journals, newspapers, catalogues, books and magazines.  (c. 2024)

Two Trees Planted in the Midst of an Enigmatic Garden: A Four-Dimensional Study of a Neglected Archetype of Centre. Originally written as an award-winning dissertation at Boston University (1991); revised as a Visiting Scholar at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.  (c. 2025)

Garden Pilgrims: A Journey to the Centre of the Tree, limited fine arts edition, illustrated and typeset, in addition to trade edition; Aryel Publishing House, Vancouver.  (c, 2025)

Family History and Personal Biography.  (c. 2023)

Raven Meets Dove: An Encounter of Ancient Cultures—The Haida–Hebrew Master Carving of James Hart. Yosef conceived of, collaborated with, and commissioned Haida master artist and hereditary chief of the Eagle Clan, Haida Nation, James (Jim) Hart, to carve the large and historic hybrid Haida/Hebrew Screen. Accompanied by a short documentary film. (c. 2025)

Whirlwind, earthquake and fire: A still, small voice in the wilderness —

An Imperfect Résumé of Holocaust, Genocide, Racism & Human Rights Initiatives

A 64-page manuscript that may be expanded upon—especially in conjunction with an enhanced version of my Afterword from Out of Hiding—illustrated and published. Excerpt from the Introduction: “It feels somewhat awkward, even disingenuous, to be gathering this general history of my involvement with such a painful subject, one that I wish did not have to exist. Yet it most certainly does. As an ordained rabbi; university lecturer, fellow and adjunct professor; teacher of Grades K–12 and dedicated proponent of adult education; as well as a community activist, Yosef has presented hundreds of classes, sermons, papers and publications—and attended many more hundreds of meetings and events—within the interfaith, Jewish, and religious studies communities (1968 – present). This extended essay gathers some examples of writings, presentations and activities relating to the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights communities. It also presents a series of short portraits of teachers and inspirational leaders who have inspired my path.” (c. 2025)

OZ: The Story of a Heritage Home, Museum & Garden. A highly illustrated volume with significant essays and captions by Yosef; edited by Alan Twigg. Working primarily with John Atkin and tangentially with others in the heritage community, suggested subjects include architecture, plumbing, electrical, wood, windows (stained glass, etc.), fire places, its place in Vancouver history, the gardens and sculpture, art, libraries, and other collections, photographs—modern and historical, paint, two pop-up cutouts, and other features. Two articles have already been published on the house, one by John Mackie, the other by Kerry Gold; and a CBC television walkabout. (c. 2025)

Oroboros: The Cosmic Cannibal. The essay upon which this book is based, originally appeared in Sustenance: Writers from BC and beyond on the subject of food, a poetry anthology edited and with a foreword by Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, created as her Poet Laureate legacy project (Anvil Press, Vancouver, 2017). The book, highly illustrated with mythological, alchemical and archetypal motifs, will expand on that essay in poetic-prose. An excerpt: “The universe is a single cannibalistic organism, a self-sustaining unbroken circle; autonomous, terrifying and utterly unstoppable. Herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, orovore—the serpent consuming its own tail in an eternal vortex of renewal, its own creation and self-destruction, the endless knot, eternal return, historic recurrence.”  (c. 2025)

World Legends: Stories Out of Mind.  (c. 2026)

Jewish Legends: In the beginning was the Story. (c. 2026)

Storied Reflections: Aspects in the Theory and Practice of Storytelling as an Agent of Psychospiritual Maturation. Edited manuscript based upon Ph.D. doctoral dissertation (1989) in Transpersonal Psychology, International College / William Lyon University [San Diego].  (c. 2027)

A Teacher’s Guide and Reintroduction to the Oral Tradition, edited manuscript based upon Master of Science in Jewish Education thesis (1981) from Ferkauf Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Yeshiva University [New York].  (c. 2027)

Pilgrim Poet, Itinerant Priest: Searching for Certainty in an Unknown World. Poetry.  (c. 2024)

Ten Essays on Archetypal Themes.  (c. 2026)

Conversations with Remarkable Friends.  (c. 2024)

Correspondence: Six Decades of Wingéd Words, with an essay on the nature of correspondence.  (2026)

Lifelines: The Jewish Testimony of Elie WieselInvited to submit a chapter to Lifelines: The Jewish Testimony of Elie Wiesel Offered to a World in Need, a book of reflections by students of Elie Wiesel. Editors David Patterson, University of Texas at Dallas, and Alan Avraham Rosen (Jerusalem).  (Initially proposed in 2016; pending)

A Time for Turning,” chapter in Practicing Forgiveness: Lessons and Challenges from the World’s Spiritual Paths, ed. Derek Evans, Northstone Publishers, Kelowna (accepted but never published).  (2007)

Collected Collections and subtitled either “A Magnificent Obsession” or “A Lifelong Search for Meaning through Beauty that Matters”, featuring essays on the nature of collecting and annotated descriptions of Yosef’s various collections such as books and their libraries, scrolls, paintings, photographs and other works of art on paper, antiques, fragments from Judaica and other spiritual traditions, textiles, writings, autographed documents, carpets, sculpture, furniture, heritage properties [home, cottage, lodge and towers] and gardens. Figure 1 Publishers and Aryel Publishing House.  (c. 2025)

Passover Haggadah: Children’s Illustrations and Commentaries,” Greater Vancouver Jewish Elementary Schools and Aryel Press (discussed with teachers c. 1998 but never realized; may still be published).

Festivals of Light: A Global Celebration,” Tradewind Books (discussed with publisher and preliminary text prepared.  (1997 – 1998).

The Haftorah Scroll,” limited and trade editions, Gefen Publishing House (hand-scribed scroll commissioned but never completed, c. 1993 – 1996).

Dissertations and Theses

“Two Trees Planted in the Midst of an Enigmatic Garden: A Four-Dimensional Study of Genesis 2:8-9 [An Alternate Archetype of Center].” Doctoral dissertation and winner of the Alumni Award for outstanding dissertation, University Professors Program, Boston University.  (1992)

“Storied Reflections: Aspects in the Theory and Practice of Storytelling as an Agent of Psychospiritual Maturation.” Doctoral dissertation, William Lyon University [San Diego] in conjunction with The Human Capacities Training Program and The Foundation for Mind Research [New York].  (1989)

“High Spots and Sacred Centres,” “A Rereading of the Gospel Parables: A Second Chance to Make a First Impression,” “Aspects of Healing in Judaism,” “A Transpersonal Portrait of Moses.” Although there was an oral exam, no graduating thesis was required for the Th.M., Masters in Theology from Harvard Divinity School. The above titles are examples of major essays written in the course of studies.  (1985)

“Midrashei Aggadah and Storytelling: A Teacher’s Guide and Reintroduction to the Oral Tradition.” Master’s thesis, Ferkauf Graduate School, Greenwich Village Campus, Yeshiva University, New York.  (1981)


 Robert R Reid: A personal reminiscence

A reflective essay on knowing a master bookman and man of the people, Robert (Bob) Reid, 1927 – 2022. Amphora, No. 190, the quarterly publication of the Alcuin Society.  (2022)

Naked in a Pyramid: My Self-Burial & Other Pursuits

A memoir of travel and psychogeography experiences with crescendo, near-death experiences at the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Published in subTerrain, whose byline is “Strong words for a polite nation”. “subTerrain magazine is published 3 times a year from modest offices in East Vancouver, BC. We strive to produce a stimulating fusion of fiction, poetry, photography and graphic illustration from uprising Canadian, U.S. & International writers and artists.” subTerrain.  (Spring 2022)

Visitors from Afar: Reflections Upon Meeting a Remarkable Man

Foreword and article on visiting the eminent scholar, Claude Lévi-Strauss, in his Paris home. The first International Journal of Independent Scholars / Journal International des Chercheurs Indépendants, No.1, p. 5; bilingual publication of the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars (CAIS).  Edited by Guy Buchholtzer, Yosef was the instigator, editorial board member, and co-publisher. Simon Fraser University.  (2010)

Meeting a Remarkable Man

An abridged version of Dr. Wosk’s remarks presented at the Reidfest, slightly revised for publication. The Reidfest was a celebration of Robert R. Reid and the inauguration of the Reid Medal presented by the Alcuin Society for Lifetime Achievement in the Book Arts in Canada (conceived of by Yosef; fulfilled and managed by the Alcuin Society). Amphora, No. 148, p. 14, the quarterly publication of the Alcuin Society.  (February 2008)

Introduction to the Nature of Torah

A significant introduction to the journal theme of “A History of Torah Scrolls in BC’s Jewish Communities”. Subject headings included: “What is written in the Torah?”; “Interpretations”; “Where did it begin; when will it end?”; and “Who is obligated to study and for how long?” (p. 5 – 7). Vol. XXVI, No. 2, The Scribe, The Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.  (2007)

Private Scholars and Public Intellectuals: The Community of Independent Scholars

Canadian Journal of University Continuing Education—Revue canadienne de l’éducation permanente universitaire.  (Outlined but not published)

The Philosophers’ Café and The Public Intellectual [The Role and Responsibility of the Independent Scholar as a Public Intellectual]

The Independent Scholar, Vol. XVI, No.1, pp. 5 – 10, Berkeley.  (Winter 2001 – 2002)

Philosophers’ Café as an example of the Changing Boundaries between the Academy, the World of Work and the Community

In Essays from The International Symposium on Non-traditional Learners in Higher Education, Hans Schuetze, Chair, Program Committee, University of British Columbia.  (2001)

Philosophers’ Café

Abstract: Philosophers’ Café is a series of gatherings featuring high level public conversation. This innovative program transcends many traditional barriers that have characterized institutions of higher learning. We became itinerant teachers once again, a group of scholars—invited from various universities and colleges—travelling out of the academy and into the extended metropolitan area. Philosophers’ Café responds to the needs of a society under stress from unrelenting rapid change. Our singular focus has been the lifelong passion for the continuing search for meaning. We have facilitated a series of voluntary communities wherein participants learn for the sake of learning, where ideas are championed and camaraderie is subtly extolled.” Published in Yearbook of Exemplary Practice, pp. 162 – 172, Canadian Association for University Continuing Education, Kanata, Ontario.  (1999)

Two Trees Planted in the Midst of an Enigmatic Garden

Excerpted in Kolot/Voices, Boston University.  (Spring 1992)

An Investigation into the Dating and Observance of a Bat-Yiftach Ceremony for Women

Neshama [a journal based in Brookline, Massachusetts, for encouraging the exploration of women’s spirituality in Judaism].  (Winter 1991)

The Scroll of Lamentations: A Partial Translation

Translation from the Hebrew to English; Kolot/Voices, Boston University.  (Autumn 1991)

“Ushpizin Meditation,” Neshama.  (Fall 1991)

Never Having Known You.” Poem; Sagacity.  (August-September 1991)

Reflections in the Mirrored Mind of Creation

The Possible Society Journal, Camden, N.J.  (1985)

Reflections on Four Aspects of Food: Spiritual, Ethical, Sensual and Political

The B’nai Or Journal, Philadelphia.  (April 1983)

On Depression

The B’nai Or Journal, Philadelphia.  (April 1983)

Torah Revelation: Then as Now

Petach: A Journal of Thought and Reflection of The College of Jewish Studies

Israel Torah Research Institute / The Shapell Center of Jewish Studies, Vol. ii, pp. 49 – 72, Jerusalem.  (5735 / 1975)

Can you say where I am and where I am not? Creation has arrived—it inhabits the universe

Vol. i, pp. 75 – 79, Petach: A Journal of Thought and Reflection of The College of Jewish Studies

Israel Torah Research Institute / The Shapell Center of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.  (1974)

Conference Proceedings

 “Philosophers’ Café: A Theoretical and Practical Experience” — Program Applicability for Continuing Studies, in 48th Annual Conference Proceedings of CAUCE 2001, pp. 158 – 163. Canadian Association of University Continuing Education, Victoria.  (May 2001)

“Expressive Versus Ineffable Words: An Historical & Practical Overview of Sacred Text and Oral Tradition in Judaism,” Parliament of the World’s Religions, Cape Town, South Africa.  (December 1999)

“The Shofar: Ancient Ritual Horn of Israel,” with Mordehai Wosk. This article offers a brief review of the shofar—a simple animal horn—that, in a ritual sense, has the power to awaken consciousness. It describes the shofar from both technical and symbolic perspectives. Chapter headings include: “Introduction,” “Making of a Shofar,” “Sounds of the Shofar,” “When the Shofar is Used,” “Symbolic Interpretations—Ten Symbolisms, Awake, arise from your slumber, Mystical Perspectives, and General Symbolism,” “Two Short Stories,” “Conclusion;” with Bibliography and Endnotes. In Festival Guide for the First Sacred Music Festival in Canada (November 12 – 14, 1999, Roundhouse Community Centre), Westcoast Sacred Arts Society, Vancouver.  (1999)

“Expressive Versus Ineffable Words: An Historical & Practical Overview of Sacred Text & Oral Tradition in Judaism.” Two separate parts: the essay and a work booklet with graphics of Hebrew letters, History of Jewish Law, Books of the Mishnah and their Contents, a Typical Page of Talmud, Glossary of Hebrew Terms, Who Wrote the Books of the Bible, Kabbalistic Diagram, etc.

Prepared as a presentation for the opening plenary session Points of Contact: Cultures, Traditions, Print and Orality of the sixth annual conference of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing International Convention, hosted by The Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre. The plenary session was held at the First Nations Long House, University of British Columbia. The text was subsequently revised and printed. (July 1998)

“The National University Continuing Education Association: Report on NUCEA’s 80th Annual Conference”. A report submitted for Simon Fraser University, Continuing Studies. The Conference which was attended by more than 900 delegates, was held in Anaheim, California. Theme: “The future direction of our discipline”. Report submitted May 10, 1995.

Catalogues & Chapbooks

“Annotated Selections from the Wosk Masterworks Study Collection.” Illustrated catalogue for Charles H. Scott Gallery exhibit, The Emily Carr University Press and Aryel Publishing House.  (Pending 2024)

“A Celebration of Applied Art & Design.” A keepsake booklet with essay by Yosef and French translation; commissioned by Yosef and designed by Robert R. Reid. Limited edition of 150 copies, distributed at the Anniversary Exhibit at the Canadian High Commission in London celebrating fifty laureates of the award for the tenth anniversary of the Carter Wosk Annual British Columbia Creative Achievement Award for Applied Arts and Design. Exhibit curated by Sam Carter, under the auspices of the High Commissioner for Canada to the United Kingdom, at the Canada Gallery, Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London, England. Printed by Metropolitan Press, Vancouver. (September 21, 2015)

“A Life That Lives On: Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky”. Contributed a short article, “A tsaddik in our midst”, to the memorial book comprising a selection of heartwarming letters, stories and reactions of people whose lives were transformed by Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky. Published in tribute of his Shloshim [30th day after passing away], Vancouver.  (27 Iyar, 5773 / May 7, 2013)

The Alcuin Society presents the Robert R. Reid Medal for a lifetime of excellence in the book arts in Canada, “Reflections on Robert Reid” and charge to the laureate by Yosef Wosk, OBC, Ph.D. translated into French by Sabine Mabardi. The article, first published in the Reid Award & Medal Book in 2010, was reprinted in The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada catalogue in 2012.

“Remembering Morris J. Wosk: Historical Reflections.” Article in the souvenir book Celebrating the Opening of the Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia, pp. 189 – 191. The Jewish Museum & Archives of B.C. [administered by The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia].  (2007)

“Textured Images: Vintage Photographs & Picture Carpets from the Yosef Wosk Judaica Collection.” Exhibition catalogue, Zack Gallery, Vancouver.  (June – August 2002)

“Temple Treasures—The Beauty Of Holiness: A Holiday Display of Books & Artefacts from the Yosef Wosk Judaica Collection.” Catalogue for The Vancouver Public Library Special Collections. (December 2000 – March 2001)

“A Light Concordance.” A chapter written with Joel Ziff, in Lights/Orot, in a book-length catalogue for Yeshiva University Museum, New York, and The Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA.; edited by Mel Alexenberg and Otto Piene.

From the Yeshiva Museum newsletter:

Lights/Orot, an unprecedented exhibition, was prepared especially for the museum by the Center for Advanced Visual Study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Through the use of lasers, holography, video monitors, reflecting glass, and computer graphics, the exhibit explores the spiritual side of technology, using sophisticated equipment to communicate and reflect Jewish ideas, symbols and rituals.”

Excerpt from the Introduction (p. 62):

“This collection of sources comprises far less than even one percent of the references in the Jewish tradition to light in its many aspects as symbol, spirit, nature, and ritual. Some lights are consuming, some illuminating; some are original, others are reflective; some are destructive, others are enlightening; some light is manipulated, other lights manipulate us.

Light is a pervasive theme throughout Judaism. It ranges from pre-cosmological through post-eschatological speculations. In its various guises it inhabits all the worlds of physical and spiritual space. It is also the prime symbol in the celebration of time. May “a hint be sufficient for the wise” so that the reader be inspired to complete the collection and fulfill what already exists.”  (1988)


“Yosef Wosk: On establishing the new café society where everyone can be a philosopher,” cover photograph by Raymond Lum, photo essay by Lorne Bridgman, feature article by Yosef—“The Philosophers’ Café: A Conversation Whose Time Has Come.” Cover and pp. 8 – 12; aq: The Magazine of Simon Fraser University [published bi-annually; circulation 60,000].  (October 2000)

“Millennial Message” — Full text of this Letter to the Editor: “Concerning the Annual International Buy Nothing Day moratorium on consumer spending. I think it is a great idea, but why just one day a year? The Torah introduced the idea of a weekly moratorium on consumer activity over 3,200 years ago. Millions of Jews around the world still observe this day of rest, which is not just a day of not-doing, but rather one dedicated to spiritual and physical renewal. I trust that this millennial message will continue to add a note of sanity to a swiftly tilting planet.” Letters to the Editor; p. 64, Adbusters Magazine.  (Fall 1995)

“Judaism: 4,000 Years of Media Attention,” article contained the following sections: Preface, Issues of Interest, A Related Issue of Concern, Sensitivity to Every Perceived Criticism, Is the Media Kosher?, Traditional vs. Secular, and Conclusion. Nieman Reports, published “…to promote and elevate the standards of journalism”, pp. 78 – 81. The Nieman Foundation at Harvard University, Vol. xlix, No. 3  (Fall 1995).


Anniversary greetings — “Congratulations to Cynthia Ramsay on your extraordinary achievements as Community Scribe. You follow in the rare lineage of those who have dedicated their lives to reporting, recording, and crafting opinions for consideration. You and your inspired staff have been with us in mourning as well as in celebration, in controversy and congratulations. You have been a witness and a commentator, a bearer of letters and light. Thank you for your labours. May you be blessed with good health, creativity and strength to carry on.” In special anniversary edition of the Jewish Independent; photo of Yosef with Cynthia.  (December 6, 2017)

“‘Happiness’ makes me sad. We are addicted to surface happiness: Real joy begins when suffering ceases” by Yosef Wosk; photograph by Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun files with caption: “Yosef Wosk awaits the day all mankind can be happy together”. Part of columnist Doug Todd’s series of articles on “Happiness”; he invited select community members to reflect on the nature of happiness. Happiness Day 4: Yosef Wosk—“’Happiness’ makes me sad.” Excerpts: “Happiness makes me sad. I’m not referring to genuine happiness, but rather to the phenomenon of commercial happiness that is marketed from every conceivable media niche. Happiness is big business, retail therapy, a temporary fix, an emotional drug…. Until that day when world peace permeates the Earth, I can be happy but only for a moment; I can laugh, but not fully. My joy is anchored in your suffering, and until we can be happy together, I would rather cry with you than be happy by myself.” Online and also print edition of The Vancouver Sun. (October 11, 2012)
“Joseph sets good example for modern men, spiritual leaders say. Jesus’ stepfather ‘manned up’ to fulfil a transcendent purpose, scholars conclude.” Yosef among various city clergy interviewed and extensively quoted in feature article on Christmas by Douglas Todd; Page A13, The Vancouver Sun.  (Friday, December 24, 2010)

“A gathering for the ages: Well, Hello Dalai,” [also published on Simon Fraser University Media and Public Relations website as “A gathering of the ages”; Vol. 30, No. 1, April 29, 2004]. Reflections on the visit of Nobel Peace Laureates Shirin Ebadi, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

Excerpts from article: “We were greeted by three otherwise ordinary individuals from three distant corners of the world: a simple mountain monk, a parish priest and an earnest lawyer. What made them extraordinary were the choices they made and the lives they led. They emerged as models, symbols of hope in the midst of our daily struggles and as exemplars of perseverance in the achievement of global consciousness…They represent those among us who have awoken to the realization that their lives belong to the community as much as to their families and that anonymous acts of simple kindness are echoed in their public activism toward the fulfillment of an historical imperative…With laughter and perspective, with necessary strength and heartfelt tenderness, with tears, respect and encouragement they cajoled us to ‘Be brave and go forth’. That we will.”  Simon Fraser News.  (April 29, 2004)

“May our hopes overcome our fears.” Article—one of six Vancouver-area religious representatives invited to reflect upon the holiday season—with photograph by Ian Lindsay; “Insight: Editorial Commentary & Analysis,” pp. A18 – 19, The Vancouver Sun.  (Dec. 26, 2002)

“Stories in our tradition: Words do not just describe the world, they create it,” Jewish Western Bulletin, pp. 30 – 32. From introduction: “September 8, 1998 marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Ba’al Shem Tov, who established the modern Chassidic mystical movement in Judaism. In honour of this occasion, Lubavitch held a symposium. The following is excerpted from Rabbi Yosef Wosk’s remarks at the event: Reflections on storytelling in the Jewish tradition.”  (March 26, 1999)

“Food for thought: In just one year, SFU has become one of the single largest hosts to public conversational café programs in the world; Philosophers’ Cafés offer gatherings on a personal scale, address the basic dimensions of human existence.” Full page article with photograph and illustration; featured editorial Comment, Simon Fraser News (January 21, 1999)

“Perspectives on the Nature of Talmud Torah,” Yosef’s remarks quoted in Jewish Western Bulletin.  (May 1998)

Newsletters, Brochures, Programs & Posters

In addition to those entries listed below, over fifty articles were published in the Tifereth Israel (Everett, Massachusetts) and

Temple Shalom (Medford, Massachusetts) community bulletins between 1985 and 1991.

Wosk biography — Prepared short biography of Ben and Morris J. Wosk for Congregation Schara Tzedeck’s annual events calendar 2017 – 2018 (5778 on Jewish calendar). The calendar featured twelve past leaders of the community accompanied by relevant photographs.  (2017)

Extended statement for large printed introductory exhibition poster: A Celebration of Applied Art & Design — Une Célébration des Arts Appliqués et du Design. Accompanied by graphics, exhibition information and other statements by Ron Burnett, President of Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and Sam Carter, Emeritus Professor ECUAD. Submission also appeared on the websites of London Design Festival and BC Creative Achievement Awards. (September – October 2015)

Tribute to Shirley Barnett, Chair of Renovations Committee, in the Commemorative Book (p. 29) for the rededication of the Old Jewish Cemetery at Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver. (May 3, 2015)

Extensive blessing from Yosef (Avi, Rahel and Shevi) Wosk in celebration of the newspaper’s 80th Anniversary Celebration. P. 36, Jewish Independent.  (May 14, 2010)

“Think you very much!” Short article on new catchphrase by way of Tunisia; p. 15, Philosophers’ Café 10 Year Anniversary Newsletter, Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University.  (Fall 2008)

“My Family’s Journey to Canada.” Article for the Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada (JIAS). Donation, meeting with director, and wrote article. JIAS has been serving the immigrant community since 1922. My parents, who arrived in Canada with their families in 1928 from the Ukraine and Poland, were assisted by the organization. Published in their Fall September 2006 Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue 2, page 6, continued on p. 8. Head office is in Toronto.  (2006)

“Call for Papers: The International Journal of Independent Scholars”—A full page announcement concerning inauguration of the innovative Journal, describing its proposed contents and a Call for Papers [p. 33]; “NCIS Receives Donations: Letter from Yosef Wosk”—announcing Yosef’s funding initiatives for research and publication grants as well as website development and initiation of a journal [p. 30]. Vo. 20, No. 4; The Independent Scholar, Newsletter of The National Coalition of Independent Scholars. (Winter 2006)

“Philosophers’ Café returns to Paris; Seven new locations opened in the Lower Mainland; a journey of independent scholars.” Lead article with photographs of Guy Buchholtzer and Yosef in front of Bistrot Philo, Paris; Chief Bill Cranmer, Claude Lévi-Strauss, Guy and Yosef at Lévi-Strauss’s home office in Paris (p. 1); and Yosef with a bookseller in the Medina, the old city of Tunis (p. 12).

The extensive article covered the growth of the Philosophers’ Café in Greater Vancouver; a pilgrimage to Paris—organized by Guy Buchholtzer—to visit the renowned anthropologist and patron of the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars, Claude Lévi-Strauss; a visit to the first Café Philo in Paris as well as other appointments with Prof. Guy de Thé from the Institut Pasteur, President of the European Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters; an encounter with Aube Ellouét Breton, daughter of André Breton; an appointment at the Canadian Embassy; and meetings with the Honourable Yvon Charbonneau, the Ambassador of Canada to UNESCO.

Philosophers’ Café tabloid [11,000 copies] and website; published by Interdisciplinary Programs in Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University.  (Fall 2006)

“Planting a Forest in Israel.” Article and photograph, Chadashot, Jewish National Fund of Canada, Pacific Region.  (February 2005)

“A rather intimate yet global conversation.” Lead article including photograph on p. 2 depicting Des Kennedy, renowned Canadian humourist and garden writer, with Yosef and Philosophers’ Café moderator Joe Ronsley at VanDusen Garden. Another front page photograph captioned “Leaders of the Conversation Café Movement in North America gather in New York” and “A plenary session entitled ‘Meetings of minds: Models and methods for organizing intellectual conversations,’ held at The General Society of Mechanics & Tradesmen as part of the Seventh Biennial Conference of the National Conference of Independent Scholars, New York, October 15 -17, 2004.” Included in the photograph of the panel discussion are Evan Sinclair, Ellen Huppert, Yosef Wosk, Bernard Roy, and Ron Gross. Philosophers’ Café tabloid [11,000 copies] and website; published by Interdisciplinary Programs in Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University.  (Spring/Summer 2005)

“Building for the Future: Rabbi’s Message.” Part of information and fundraising material for the proposed new synagogue and community centre for the Burquest Jewish Community Association, Coquitlam.  (2004)

“Café society evolves with the times.” Front page feature article, Philosophers’ Café tabloid brochure, Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University. (Spring 2002)

“Philosophers’ Café for the Jewish Community”. Article by Yosef with photograph; p. 10, The Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver Newsletter. (November 2001)

“Philosophers’ Café bursting at their seams as more communities join in the conversation.” Front page feature article, Philosophers’ Café newsletter brochure; Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University.  (Spring 2001)

“Controversy, Conspiracy and Passion Erupt as Philosophers’ Café.” Front page feature article, Philosophers’ Café newsletter brochure; Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University.  (Fall/Winter 2000)

Book of Testimonial Statements — An extended entry in a book of testimonial statements presented by his students to Prof. Elie Wiesel on the occasion of his 6oth birthday [born September 30, 1928 in Sighetu Marmatiei (Sighet), Romania]. Boston University, Massachusetts.  (November 1988)

“A Journey to the Heart of Tradition.” Israel Torah Research Institute: Hartman’s Yeshiva Bulletin, Jerusalem.  (1973)

“The Lifestyle of Torah.” The Shalom Hartman College of Jewish Studies, Fall Newsletter, Jerusalem.  (Fall 1972)

Essays & Reports

“Reflections Upon Turning Seventy.” Upon marking his seventieth birthday while sailing in the Indian Ocean in the midst of his global navigations, Yosef wrote a transparent essay, Reflections Upon Turning Seventy. It was sent to a number of friends also marking their milestone birthday that year. Will be published in an anthology of collected writings.  (2019)

“A Travel Narrative in Search of a Planet: Explorations in Psychogeography,” extended essay as support material for nomination as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Ottawa.  (2016)

Interdisciplinary Programs report on programs and related activities including Independent Scholars, Philosophers’ Café, and visit to Paris to welcome the legendary scholar Claude Lévi-Straus becoming the first Distinguished Patron of the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars. Accompanied by photographs including one of Guy Buchholtzer and Yosef in front of the Café des Phares, the first modern Bistrot Philo in Paris. P. 12, Simon Fraser University, Continuing Studies Annual Report.  (2006 – 2007)

“Reflections on Collecting Photography: A Lifelong Search for Scattered Fragments of an Elusive Reality.” Prepared for the “Yosef Wosk Collection” at the Vancouver Gallery of Photography. Also prepared critical/historic catalogue notes and labels to accompany the photographs.  (January — June 2006)

“Life as a Series of Graduations: The challenges of wisdom, vision, courage, community & self-knowledge,” [originally prepared as the charge to the Maimonides High School Graduating Class], Aryel Publishing House.  (2001)

“Research Analysis Regarding the Publication of the Encyclopaedia Judaica on CD-ROM,” Aryel Publishing (Vancouver) for Keter Publishing House (Jerusalem).  (1994)

“Some Aspects of Healing in Judaism,” Harvard (1985), Boston Havurah Study (1985 and 1991) and Simon Fraser University Seniors Program.  (2001)


“Two Eliezers: A Singing Priest and a Reluctant Prophet Among Us. A Tribute for Leonard Cohen & Elie Wiesel” (originally written December 11, 2016; edited November 2019). Reproduced for website, Memories of Leonard, “a completely non-commercial, fan-based site, in praise and memory of Leonard Cohen, someone who is missed around the world” (with the technical expertise of Sharon Jackson of “Jackson on the Moon Graphic and Website Design, 2019).

On the Wings of Forever” was published in the online Ormsby Review in collaboration with the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars. The editor’s preface notes that: “With prose as profound and learned as it is clear and accessible, here Wosk examines and appreciates the role of museums and museum workers in the digitizing modern world. It’s not gloom ’n’ doom. Instead, he outlines what he calls ‘a stirring vision, one of innovative technology on a human scale, heart-centred and soul-sized.’” The essay is based upon Yosef’s closing Keynote Address at the British Columbia Museums Association annual conference in Kelowna, October 23, 2018. Entitled “Universal Technologies and Traditional Innovations: A Comprehensive Perspective for Museums”, his message received a rare standing ovation from the delegates. It is available as an online podcast.  (2018)

Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars — Yosef developed the website and contributed much material when he was Director of Interdisciplinary Programs in Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University.  (2001 – 2010)

Philosophers’ Café — Yosef developed the website and contributed much material when he was Director of Interdisciplinary Programs in Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University.  (1998 – 2010)

Dramatic Reading and Miscellaneous

Nomination Letters and Letters of Reference — Wrote numerous letters—some taking a number of days to research—on behalf of others, either as an academic or job reference, or as a significant nomination letter for honours such as provincial or national orders, or for academic honorary degrees.

Names will remain confidential but one—written at the behest of those nominating Prof. Elie Wiesel, Nobel Laureate for Peace, to support his nomination for the Templeton Prize for Progress Towards Research or Discoveries About Spiritual Realities—elicited the following response from Dr. Robert Krell (September 9, 2013): “You have written a letter that leaves me awestruck for its brilliance and meaningful messages to the arbiters of the Prize. If Elie is not awarded with this particular recognition, I would like to discuss with you packaging the letters and publishing them for him. He should know of our regard for him. Sometimes, that is honour enough.” Other Letters of Recommendation have received similar reactions.

Convocation Blessing. Written on behalf of David Mitchell, Vice President, SFU, for a ceremonial lunch celebrating the awarding of honorary degrees.  (June 4, 1998)

Women of Valour: Ten Biblical Portraits, including Eve, Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, the three women who saved baby Moses (Yokheved, Miriam and Batyah), Ruth, Devorah and Esther. A dramatic reading written for and performed by the Sisterhood Oneg Shabbat Program; Congregation Tifereth Israel, Everett, Massachusetts.  (February 21, 1986)


Saints, Sinners, Souvenirs — Yosef was quoted in the Foreword by Gwen Bird, Dean of SFU Libraries, and Melissa Salrin, Head of SFU Special Collections and Rare Books, p.8, and p. 9; and once again in the article by Ralph J. Stanton, “Saints, Sinners & Souvenirs in the Publications of Aldus Manutius”, p.64. Published by Burnaby Art Gallery and Simon Fraser University, Special Collections and Rare Books.  (2019)

Practicing Philosophy — Taped audio interview in 2013 by Michael Picard and Mano Daniel on Simon Fraser University’s Philosophers Café program, in preparation for a presentation on the history of public participatory philosophy in BC at the British Columbia Studies Conference at Douglas College, May 2013. The interview remains unpublished but was mentioned in Michael Picard’s article “But is it philosophy? Critical reflections on social reasoning and café philosophy”, published as Chapter X in Practicing Philosophy; Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle on Tyne, England.  (2015)

“Getting It”: A Halachic Approach to Equalizing Gittin, A T’shuvah by Rabbi Daniel Siegel; Integral Halachah Institute, Aleph: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, Canada. Yosef’s comments were among those to be included in a book by Siegel and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi about Jewish legal issues. Zalman, a”h, passed away before the book was completed but Daniel issued this extended opinion concerning the development of Jewish law in terms of marriage and divorce. It explains the historic action—fulfilled in Vancouver in 2013 and in which Yosef served as a rabbinic witness—of a woman initiating a Jewish divorce (get).  (2019)

The Future of Art in a Digital Age — Yosef referenced in the index and mentioned on page 161: “Yosef Wosk, a congregational rabbi in Massachusetts, and graduate of both the rabbinical school of Yeshiva University and Harvard Divinity School, not only learned with the artists, but he collaborated with Joel Ziff in preparing “A Light Concordance,” a resource document on light in Jewish sources that became a 14-page section of the LightsOrot catalogue.” The Future of Art in a Digital Age: From Hellenistic to Hebraic Consciousness, by Mel Alexenberg, Intellect Books, U.K. (2006)

And the Sea is Never Full — Mentioned in chapter “On Learning and Teaching” [p.109] in And the Sea is Never Full: Memoirs by Elie Wiesel; Alfred A. Knopf, A Borzoi Book, New York.  (1999)

Editor and/or Publisher

The International Journal of Independent Scholars — Founding publisher and member of the editorial board; Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars, Vancouver. In spite of numerous meetings and offers from Yosef, CAIS never fully activated this journal. One issue appeared in print; other articles were published online or through other means, having been supported by an Independent Scholars Grant.  (2006 – 2010)

Aryel Publishing House — President, publisher and editorial duties. Vancouver. (1993 – present)

B’nai Or Journal — Editor. The B’nai Or Spiritual Community, under the guidance of Rabbi Prof. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Philadelphia.  (1982 – 1983)

Petach: A Journal of Thought and Reflection — Appointed editor by the Roshei Yeshiva / Deans of the College of Jewish Studies, Israel Torah Research Institute (ITRI) / The Shapell Center of Jewish Studies, previously referred to as Hartman’s Yeshiva. Jerusalem.  (1973 – 1975)

Publishing / editorial Committees

Jewish Museum & Archives of British Columbia under auspices of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia; also established the Yosef Wosk Publishing Endowment(2007 – 2010)

Canadian Academy of Independent Scholar; also provided grants. (2006 – 2010)

Vancouver Institute.  (2008 – 2010)

Vancouver Heritage Foundation (2008 – 2012) and the Yosef Wosk Publishing Endowment. (2019 – present)

Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre — Publishing Advisory Committee of the Morris J. Wosk & Yosef Wosk Publishing Endowment Fund. (2000 – present)


Assisted Others to Publish

In addition to his own publishing efforts and founding the first organization in North America to house an independent scholars’ library and archives, Yosef also assisted numerous others to conduct research and publish. Independent Scholars Research and Publishing Grants were awarded through The Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars (CAIS), The National Coalition of Independent Scholars (NCIS), as well as personal grants.

The Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars (CAIS)

Based in Vancouver, CAIS is the principal independent scholars organization in Canada. The objectives of independent scholar grants include helping with the cost of research, writing, and publishing, or creating a work of art or other artifact in any medium, or any other purpose relevant to their field of scholarly interest. The grant may be used to purchase goods or services including travel, meals and accommodation.  (2002 – present)

Grantees have included:

The Independent Scholar’s Handbook

Written by Ron Gross, “father of the independent scholars movement”. The classic guide to pursuing intellectual work outside of academe, this free, online edition, was fully funded by Yosef and published by the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars at Simon Fraser University. Ron Gross wrote: “It is my pleasure to dedicate this reissue of the Independent Scholar’s Handbook to Yosef Wosk and his colleagues at the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars and at Simon Fraser University. Their vision, their high competence, and their exacting execution, have made this volume available worldwide at no cost for the enjoyment and benefit of any independent scholars who might find it serviceable. They share my hope that the information in these pages may give fresh heart, hope and health to all who pursue knowledge and understanding in whatever field.” First published in 1982 and re-issued in 1990; third edition and first Internet edition.  (2002 and 2006)


The position included a stipend and the use of research resources including an office at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver campus. Scholars included Guy Buchholtzer (anthropological research into Indigenous arts and culture), Elena Feder (film media), Robert Eighteen-Bisang (Bram Stoker’s Dracula and related Vampire Literature, Michael Dallaire, Mark Dwor (Yahin and Boaz: Masonic Pillars), and Susan Baxter.

The position—the only one of its kind in a North American university—was envisioned and funded by Yosef with support from Simon Fraser University. The following is from an announcement on the CAIS website:

“The Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars invites its members to apply for the position of Scholar-in-Residence for the twelve months from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014. The position, not open to Affiliate Members, is made possible by an endowment to Simon Fraser University generously established by the Wosk Family to support independent scholarship. The endowment is administered by SFU Interdisciplinary Programs, which appoints the Scholar-in-Residence on the recommendation of the Academy.”  (2007 – 2015)

Beatrice Gross Grant Recipients:

Robert Janes, Gary Botting, Guojun Gan, Lilian Broca, Michael Dallaire, Miguel Rodriguez, Marina Sonkina, Bong-Hwan Kim, Mark Battersby, Anne-Marie Samarasinghe, Christine Wong.  (2008 – 2019)                                                                                               

Research and Publication Grants:


Mark Battersby [presentation on rationality, critical thinking and informal logic at the American Philosophical association meeting in Vancouver]; Mary Pik Wai Chin [machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence for revealing discriminations and biases, and for predicting radiation tracks]; Bong-Hwan Kim [research critical developments in South Korea that provided fertile ground for the communists and their sympathizers]; Patricia McKenna [preparation to deliver papers at various conferences, on the patterns and relationships that contribute to the success of smart city projects]; Jeffrey Nyeboer [methods for modelling human ethics inputs during development of decision-making software related to autonomous vehicles]; Marina Sonkina [writing, editing and translating from Russian to English of a novel, Encounter]; Ying Kit Abraham Tsui [the application of Blockchain to information security management systems under ISO 27001]; Grahame Ware [travel grant to research pioneer white, social activist, James Halbold Christie, advocate for the Okanagan natives in the early 20th C.]; Christine Wong [researching a publication, “Leaf Behind: What role can tea play as an agent of change in our lives?” How traditional Chinese tea culture is creating new meaning to the tea world in North America; how tea becomes an agent for personal transformation and social change].


Susan Baxter [costs associated with writing a book based on “If Health is the Answer, What Was the Question?” dealing with our faith in technology and science, and our lack of understanding of physiology and homeostasis]; Yijane Chen [developing a new Sustainability Balance Score Card framework for the oil and gas industry sector]; Danny Agustin Flores [preparing to publish a 2nd edition of his book on feeding strategies for greater sustainability for fibre-based ruminant livestock, including a look at various biotechnologies applicable to the feed, intake behaviour, digestion and metabolism growth and development in animal production]; Kempe Ronald Hope [the effects of corruption on sustainable development; research for publication of “Corruption Reduction as a Sustainable Development Goal: Applying Indicators and Policy Frameworks”]; Avis Mysyk [the relationship between the history, legends and significance—both past and present—of the Holy Cross and seventeen other crosses, to the people of Huaquechula, Mexico]; Oyedemi Oyekola [The Dynamics of Equatorial Ionosphere and Geomagnetism]; Valentina Skybina [presented preliminary research into “English as a global language” at the International Conference on Historical Lexicology and Lexicography, Genoa, Italy].


Mark Battersby [preparing a paper on rationality, critical thinking and informal logic for presentation at the European Conference on Argumentation]; Ruby Grewal [analysing how gene and protein expression patterns in different, but related, disease states can provide information about new therapeutic targets, biomarker candidates, and underlying molecular mechanisms]; Keiko Honda [assessing the effectiveness of her Artists in Residence cultural salons in preventing and alleviating social isolation/loneliness amongst older people]; Bong-Hwan Kim [exploring the role of frequent church attendance or religious service may have on the extent of integration into Canada]; Lorian Leong [researching smartphone app acquisition, distribution, adoption, and domestication in Cuba’s unique and rapidly changing technological and political environment]; Patricia McKenna [social media and other technologies; delivery of an invited paper to the Human-Computer Interaction Conference]; Petra Molnar [a co-founder of The Human Resilience Project, author of a book and accompanying “living history’ online archive of the civil war in Syria; used grant to travel to Turkey to continue research and enhance online archive]; Grahame Ware [travel to Victoria and Vernon to research the correspondence of BC social activist James Halbold Christie, and travel to Scotland to conduct research into the financial demise of William Hopkirk, founder of the Glasgow Botanic Garden].


John O. Campbell [research into the relationships between three, relatively recent, areas of scientific enquiry: Information Theory, Bayesian Theory, Universal Darwinism]; Laua Lee Coles [gathering data and writing a paper on “Gestures that Matter” for a conference on Arts in Society in Paris in June 2017]; James Felton [developing an annotated and illustrated bibliography on poet Susan Musgrave]; Leah Polonenko [research in Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania]; Anne-Marie Samarasinghe [research for second edition of book on Ceylon History and Genealogy of royal and high caste Sinhalese families who lost their names, positions and heritage]; Susan Mary Smith [transcription of Gladys O’Kelly’s 50-page journal A Woman’s Log of an Arctic Voyage, with associated contextual research, annotation and accompanying photographs]; Ying-Kit Abraham Tsui [research paper on “Preventive Hazard Assessment and Controls for Workplace Safety” and publication in the The International Journal of Safety Science].


Paul Boissonnault [sewing machine technology and the significant impact of the sewing machine on the development of modern Japan and China]; Angela Clarke [St. Francis and the Four Female Lay Saints on Renaissance Deruta maiolica pottery]; Maryse de la Giroday [a spoken word piece based on scientific research concerning the risks and benefits of using engineered gold nanoparticles]; Emily Drzymala [based upon her experience as a social worker in a hospital emergency ward, research into what prevents hospital staff from burn-out from vicarious traumatization, or compassion fatigue, the emotional residue of working with people experiencing trauma]; Bong Hwan Kim [expand his original research on Korean-Canadian integration experiences by conducting 25 additional interviews and survey questionnaires]; You-Shen Li [towards the development of a new theory of sociology and anthropology: the genetically coded primary society and man-made secondary society]; Marina Sonkina [a novel on Putin’s Russia].


Guojun Gan [writing a monograph on a special topic of data clustering]; Robert Janes [preparation of book Museum Economics: Selected Writings of Robert R. Janes, collected articles concerning the museum’s role in society, spanning his 40 years in the museum field]; Miguel Rodriguez [publication of book about the theoretical and practical work of Antonio Garcia-Trevijano, whose two main books he translated from Spanish into English]; Marina Sonkina [translation from Russian into English of short stories and novellas under working title Moscow Gals].


Michael Dallaire [publishing manuscript he developed while serving as Independent Scholar in Residence]; Bong-Hwan Kim [expanding his Ph.D. dissertation—on understanding the integration experiences of immigrants and refugees in Canada—into articles for professional journals and a book].


Lilian Broca [completion of two series—each of ten large-scale glass mosaics—on the biblical women, Queen Esther and Judith, for exhibition in a university art gallery or museum as “Two Women of Antiquity”]; Guojun Gan [to finish revising her book Mathematical Finance Through Problems, which was reviewed by Springer]; Maryse de la Giroday [a deepening of her exploratory work on memristors, cognitive entanglement, and the human condition]; Robert Janes [preparing a third and revised edition of his book Museums and the Paradox of Change, Routledge Publishers, London and New York].


Gwilym Lucas Eades [Toponymic Research Initiative which is concerned with the state of place naming in contemporary society and culture]; Guojun Gan [work towards producing a book titled Mathematical Finance Through Problems]; Johann Gevers [research and development of a next-generation social governance system]; Maryse de la Giroday [Nanotechnology]; Miguel Rodriguez [working towards publication of Buddhism, Science and Intersubjectivity: An historical-philosophical study of dependent origination]; Valentyna Skybina [developing a general theory of regional English Lexicography—USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand—viewed as a derivative of cultural and language history of these nations]; Judy Weiser [PhotoTherapy: grant used to catalogue and archive the library holding for the fields of PhotoTherapy and Therapeutic Photography].


Gary Botting [research on Imasees (Little Bear) and the Frog Lake Massacre in 1885]; Michael Dallaire [preparation for publication of Spirituality in Canadian Education]; Keiko Honda [Health literacy, its relationship to health outcomes and its impact on health disparities among vulnerable populations]; Arnold Kalnitsky [Sociology of Nostalgia as it pertains to popular culture: music, cinema, literature and television]; Miguel Rodriguez [Philosophy, literature and theory of science as described in his book La Gran Alternancia—The Great Oscillation: Toward a New Map of Knowledge]; Robert Siemens [a study of Georg Hegel’s philosophy of nature]; Christine Wong [Understanding Mezirow’s Theory of Transformational learning from Confucian perspectives].


Paul Boissonneault [How music informs the practice of education]; Stephen Fine [Contextual learning within the residential outdoor summer camp experience]; Rod Fowler [The socio-economic impact of the 49th Parallel Canada/U.S. international border]; Arnold Kalnitsky [Altered states of consciousness and near-death experiences]; Miguel Rodriguez [translation from Spanish into English of A Pure Theory of Democracy by Antonio Garcia-Trevijano]; Rhea Rose [the role and status of a female stand-up comedian: “My one-night stand: On the fear and desire to be a funny female in the realm of male mirth”]; Judith Weiser [PhotoTherapy]; Kenneth K. F. Cheng [Moral development in corporate education and the use of games with specific purposes and educational values]; Gillian Eades Telford [Using General Systems Theory as a basis for discovery issues surrounding spirituality and for successful aging].


Robert R. Janes [recipient of the Beatrice Gross Independent Scholars Award, for Museums in a Troubled World: Renewal, Irrelevance or Collapse, published by Routledge, London and New York (2009); Chuck Davis [development of book, The History of Metropolitan Vancouver]; Guy Buchholtzer [research on the encounter between Surrealists and Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations arts, and to prepare a lecture about this subject at the Sorbonne University, Paris]; Kathy Matak [study of emotionally abusive behaviour on the part of coaches in youth sports]; and Christine Wong [From Self-Directed Learning to Self-Transformation: A Case Study of a Chinese Elder College in Vancouver].


Robert Eighteen-Bisang [Annotated 3-volume Vampire bibliography]

Yosef also repeatedly offered guidance and funding to establish an online journal for the Academy but the offer was not accepted and CAIS therefore remains without a publication to disseminate members’ research (2017 – 2019). He will now work with the ongoing efforts of the American-based National Coalition of Independent Scholars to assist with publication of their journal.

The National Coalition of Independent Scholars:

Based in the United States, NCIS is the principal professional association for independent scholars who are researchers who do not hold positions at universities or other academic institutions. NCIS supports the work of independent scholars worldwide, and its members and mission extend internationally. In 2002, Yosef had the rare distinction of being appointed the only Honorary Member of the Board in recognition of contributions to the field of independent scholarship in North America. It also acknowledged the active affiliation between American and Canadian independent scholars. That same year, the newly minted Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars hosted the first NCIS Conference held outside of the United States. Wosk served as a full board member, and first board member from Canada, from 2003 to 2008. In 2008 he became the first Life Member of the organization.

The Yosef Wosk Award for Independent Scholarship, administered through NCIS, was the largest annual vetted award for “the advancement of research or for the promotion of a deserving publication”. Other initiatives included seed money for an NCIS Journal of Independent Scholars, web site and logo development, as well as awards for a second $1,000 grant and three travel bursaries. Among the recipients were:

William Ridgeway who translated Nowaki by Natsume Sôseki [1907] from the Japanese with a critical essay by the translator; Leonid Maizel who collected and arranged Four Thousand Proverbs & Sayings: 2000 English, 2000 Russian (2005); Kendra Preston Leonard, The Conservatoire Américain: A History or Les Demoiselles de Fontainebleau: Female Musicians at the American Conservatory in Fontainebleau, 1921-1951 (2004); Wendy Pojmann, “Multicultural thresholds of migration: Marseille and Genoa since 1945”.  (NCIS administration is located in the United States; 2002 – 2009)

Assistance to other publications

Simon Fraser University Publishing Initiatives

Yosef assisted many programs at Simon Fraser University over the years including numerous publishing initiatives some of which are:

Philosopher’s Café — Have assisted at various times over twenty years with a multitude of publications in various formats. Have produced hundreds of thousands of pages of printed material including brochures, newsletters, reports, and advertising in addition to websites, videos. (1998 – present)

Independent Scholars — See entry for the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars. Yosef is the largest donor to independent scholars in Canada. (2001 – present)

emerge, The Writer’s Studio Anthology — Multi-year donations to assist publication. In its nineteenth year (2019), emerge is an annual publication produced by students, alumni, faculty, and industry guests of The Writer’s Studio. “Thanks for Yosef Wosk for his generous support, which helps us bring alumni and students together for the production of this anthology, strengthening our community.” “Through your support many writers have sprouted wings.” “Because of you, we were able to give 92 writers the opportunity to see their names in print.” The Creative Writing Program, Simon Fraser University Publications. (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)

First Nations, Metis & Inuit Writers’ Scholarship Fund. (2010)

A Series of Videos for the Senior Program in Continuing Studies including “Perceptions of God and Heaven (The Afterlife)”, “Multiculturalism and the Canadian Identity”, “Grandparenting in the 21st Century”, “Democracy: The Intent and the Reality”, “Seniors Rights and the Challenge of Elder Abuse” and “A Place for Everyone: Age-friendly Communities” [planned; not sure if completed].

Journal — Patron of the online Graduate Liberal Studies Journal of student papers and projects. “Yosef’s generous yearly donation, which is at the heart of the GLS Journal’s existence…” (email from Sasha Colby, Director of the Graduate Liberal Studies Program, May 31, 2021.) Produced through the vision of Alan R. Twigg, with the ongoing assistance of Richard Mackie (The Ormsby Review), under the direction of Prof. Sasha Colby, Simon Fraser University.  (2020 – present)

Graduate Liberal Studies — Served as Shadbolt Fellow (2015 – 2019) and Simons Fellow (July 2019 — June 2022) while embedded in GLS. Made significant contributions to the program, scholarships, GLS Endowment Fund, assisted with publications, and principal donor to the Yosef Wosk Library at GLS offices, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver campus. (2005 – present)

Morris J. Wosk & Yosef Wosk Publishing Endowment at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre

The VHEC Publishing Program was established in 2000 by Morris J. Wosk, z’l, and Rabbi Yosef Wosk.

The mandate of the program is to co-publish material which has the potential to make a significant contribution to the deeper understanding of the events of the Holocaust, its history, and the implications and effects upon society” (from 2003 – 2004 Annual Report of the VHEC Society). Funds have been used for books, educational material and electronic media including website development. Books, many co-published with Ronsdale Press, include:

Out of Hiding: The Holocaust Literature of British Columbia 

An anthology of writing about the Holocaust by BC authors—including memoir, education and research—as well as notations concerning oral testimonies by survivors. Dedicated to Robert Krell; conceived of and edited by Alan Twigg. Although administration at VHEC inexplicably declined to offer this significant volume a grant, Yosef contributed personal donations to assist with publication.  (2021)

Kicking at the Darkness

Yosef sponsored the comic written by local artist Colin Upton in support of exhibit at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre, Canada Responds to the Holocaust 1944-45. Nina Krieger, Executive Director, wrote to Yosef (October 14, 2016): “This publication is a remarkable document in an innovative format that we are confident will resonate with diverse audiences. Your donation will enable the VHEC to give a copy of the comic to each student that attends the exhibit. We are proud to participate in and encourage initiatives that have the potential to reach new audiences. Your support in this, as in so many things, helps advance the mission and mandate of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. (2016)

More Than Just Games: Canada & the 1936 Olympics

By Richard Menkis and Harold Troper, University of Toronto Press. (2015)

I Have My Mother’s Eyes: A Holocaust Memoir Across Generations

By Barbara Ruth Bluman. (2009)

A Long Labour: A Dutch Mother’s Holocaust Memoir

By Rhodea Shandler. (2007)

Broken Threads: The Destruction of the Jewish Fashion Industry in Germany and Austria

Edited by Roberta Kremer, published by Berg, an imprint of Oxford International Publishers Ltd., Oxford, UK. (2007)

No Time to Mourn

By Leon Kahn. (2nd ed., 2004; 3rd ed., 2005)

From Bialystok to Birkenau

By Michel Mielnicki with John Munro. (2000)

Janusz Korczak Association of Canada

In addition to supporting the publication of many issues of their Newsletter for many years, Yosef also made a commitment to base funding as partial support for each book that is published by the association.  (2016 – present)

  • Blumka’s Diary, a beautifully illustrated book for young children, in Polish, about life in Korczak’s orphanage. (2021)
  • Pani Stefa, a translation from Polish of a book about Korczak orphanage’s “Mother”. (2021)
  • Janusz Korczak: Educator and Child Advocate. A book by Zalmen Wassertzug, (assistance with translation from Polish into English and subsidy for publication). Describes the life and the philosophy of the orphanage run by Korczak in Warsaw, from the perspective of Dr. Korczak’s young collaborator, a journalist who worked at the orphanage in the late 1920s.
  • Janusz Korczak Bibliography of English Sources until 2012, by Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo and Galina Sanayeva. Online publication; updating the bibliography for 2012 – 2020.
  • A Wizard from the Ghetto by Katarzyna Wasylak. Commission to create a graphic novel for young readers based on life in Dr. Korczak’s orphanage. A fictional story about the spirit in the orphanage for Jewish children headed by the famous “Old Doctor” during the Second World War. Based on recollections found in memoirs of some surviving former residents of the orphanage and on Korczak’s own writings. Among other events, it describes the functioning of the Children’s Republic, Korczak’s project grounded in respect for children as their own beings. (c. 2020)
  • Korczak Digital Archive. Funds for project coordinator and content editor. An international project to help support professionals, activists and the general public interested in fostering changes in children’s welfare.
  • Janusz Korczak Bibliography. Updated bibliography of the English language publications about Dr. Korczak. (2020)
  • The Janusz Korczak Digital Archive Project — In a 2018 note to Yosef from Jerry Nussbaum, president of the Korczak Foundation: “As for the archive, we have located the sources for the materials related to Korczak and secured cooperation from the curators. The main sources are the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Ghetto Fighter Museum in Israel, kibbutz Ein Harod and Korczakianum and Polish National Museum in Poland. They are all committed to work with our Consortium. The creation of the digital structure of the Internet site requires a high degree of expertise. The majority of the materials require digitization and, most importantly, professional verification and description to provide users with reliable materials. The project will remain open-ended, but the core of the project is expected to take approximately 5 years.”  (2018 – 2022)
  • Janusz Korczak: How To Love A Child and Other Selected Works, Volumes I and 2, with a Foreword and Afterword by Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo, Selected by Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo; edited by Ann Maria Czernow; translated from the Polish into English by Benjamin Paloff, Danuta Borchardt, and Sean Gasper Bye. Published by Vallentine Mitchell, London and Chicago, for the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada. The Polish Book Institute covered most of the translation costs; Yosef provided initial funds to start the translation process and the editorial work (2016). This flagship publication of English translation introduces Korczak and his legacy to a broader audience of educators, doctors, social workers and other professionals who work with children. (2018)
  • May Their Lot Be Lighter: Of Janusz Korczak and His Pupil by Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo. The book presents the life of Leon Gluzman, who lived at Korczak’s orphanage in Warsaw and who immigrated to Canada in 1930. A joint project of the Adam Mickiewicz University (Poland) and Janusz Korczak Association of Canada. Illustrated with archival material; in Polish and English [translated from the Polish by Richard J. Reisner] (2012). Yosef donated to the Korczak Educational Institute of Israel for translation into the Hebrew edition and also contributed funds for the Russian edition published by Mitsva Association of Jewish National Organization of The Republic of Kazakhstan (2016).
  • Itzchak Belfer — Financial support for publishing in English (translated from Polish) the memoirs of the last Janusz Korczak orphan, Itzchak Belfer. Janusz Korczak Association of Canada. (2016)
  • Janusz Korczak Photobiography — Electronic version. Janusz Korczak Association of Canada. (2016)
  • Newsletters of the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada [champions children’s rights, education and care]. The Newsletter—really a journal—is 150 pages long and contains more than 100 photographs. For example, the 2012 Tenth Anniversary special edition Newsletter of the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada, 156 pages, which was also The International Year of Janusz Korczak. “This issue of the Newsletter was published with the generous financial support of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Vancouver and Dr. Yosef Wosk.”
  • Newsletter No. 8, 2013, reflects their activities in 2012: the unveiling of the bronze-relief Janusz Korczak and his Children at the Department of Education at UBC; the conference Janusz Korczak: His Legacy and Children’s Rights in cooperation with UBC; participation in the Janusz Korczak Conferences in Poznan, Poland and New York; publication of three books dedicated to Korczak; staging the play King Matt the First, which was performed in Vancouver during Chutzpah! Festival; as well as other news and programs. Yosef has assisted with publication of Newsletters #4, 5, 6 and 8, etc. (2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2015-present)

Emily Carr University Press

Excerpts from a letter (April 1, 2011) that Sylvia Iredale, Executive Director, University Advancement, wrote to Yosef regarding the University Press: “Your passion and support for all things cultural is renowned and we at Emily Carr, as a significant beneficiary of your philanthropy, are exceptionally grateful to you for your recognition of the importance of art and design education. Without your support of our bursary program many of our students would not have been able to continue and complete their education; without the Wosk Master Print Collection, many of our students would not have had the opportunity to be inspired by and to learn from the works of some of the world’s most renowned and distinguished artists; and without your support and acknowledgement of the University Press, the voices and works of some of today’s greatest contemporary artists would remain unheard and unseen. We are truly indebted to you for your generosity and leadership!”

Also from Sylvia Iredale (November 15, 2007): “I always find it so inspirational to observe your open enthusiasm for the educational process no matter what form that may take. I also value and truly appreciate your desire and willingness to share your passion and vision for education with those, whom without your support, would not be able to experience the joy of learning.”

Publications include:

  • Live from the Commodore Ballroom by UJ3RK5, a two-record album recorded in Vancouver on May 26, 1980. Published by Primary Information and Emily Carr University Press. The band members were Frank Ramirez, Jeff Wall, Rodney Graham, Ian Wallace, Kitty Byrne, Colin Griffiths, Danice McLeod. (2016);
  • Neil Wedman: Selected Monochromatic Paintings and Works on Paper, artist monograph, edited by Kathy Slade, essays by Patrik Andersson, Peter Culley, Kate Noble, Kate Slade, and Brady Cranfield; published by the Charles H. Scott Gallery and The Emily Carr University Press in collaboration with The Equinox Gallery, Vancouver. (2013 and 2016);
  • David Zink Yi by David Zink Yi, the Audain Distinguished Artist in Residence at Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2016);
  • Drawings 1977 – 1995 by Garry Neill Kennedy, three volume boxed edition; Art Metropole, Emily Carr University Press, and Publication Studio Vancouver. (2015);
  • The Voyage: or Three Years at Sea, book edited by Kathy Slade and Cate Rimmer with essays by Cate Rimmer, Barbara Sjoholm, Allan Sekula, et al. (2014);
  • Dan Graham: Other Writings [working title was “Nuggets: New and Old Writing on Art, Architecture and Culture] by Dan Graham. (Spring 2013);
  • With Friends Like These… by Karin Bubas. Artist monograph edited by Kathy Slade and Cate Rimmer with essays by Lydia Rimmer and Susanna Brown, artist interviewed by Douglas Coupland; designed by Robin Mitchell. Co-published by ECU Press, Charles H. Scott Gallery, and JRP|Ringier. (Spring 2013);
  • Fallow by Germaine Koh. Artist monograph edited by Kathy Slade with essays by Paris-based Canadian poet/critic Lisa Robertson, Charles H. Scott Gallery curator Cate Rimmer, and the artist; designed by Betty Beck. Co-published by the ECU Press, Charles H. Scott Gallery, and JRP|Ringier. (Fall 2012);
  • Elspeth Pratt — Illustrated essays on the sculptor (2011);
  • Odessa Staircase Redux by Kota Ezawa, editor Kathy Slade [a graphic novel, co-published with JRP/Ringier, Europe]. (2010);
  • Elizabeth McIntosh, a good play — Highly illustrated volume featuring the paintings of McIntosh, with two critical essays. (2010);
  • After Euphoria by Jeff Derksen. (2008)

The Dance Centre

The Dance Centre [comprised of 30 dance companies and 250 individual members], is located in the seven-storey Scotiabank Dance Centre, regarded as Canada’s flagship dance facility. It opened in downtown Vancouver in 2001. In addition to funding the Dr. Yosef Wosk Dance Video Library & Archives, Yosef also assisted with writing about dance, including:

  • The Dance Central — An electronic quarterly presenting unique perspectives about dance in BC;
  • Donor to support a voice for Dance Artists through Dance Writings;
  • Series of Monograph Publications aiming to commemorate Scotiabank Dance Centre’s 20th Anniversary;
  • Feuilletons (chapbooks) — Occasional publications in tandem with visual artists and designers such as Emily Carr University of Art + Design, poets and other writers inspired by dance.
  • Mirna Zagar, Executive Director of the Dance Centre, wrote (2021):

“With this most recent donation we are now able to focus specifically on publishing including new areas of activity such as digital Blogs and Podcasts, in addition to more traditional print publishing methods. The 3-year commitment has allowed The Dance Centre to structure its publishing activity more strategically and in response to the challenges arising from the COVID -19 context.” Facilitated through the Dance Centre. (2020, 2021, 2022)

University of Ottawa Press Les Presses de l’Université d’Ottawa

Books, in conjunction with the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program: (Introduced to the program by David Mitchell.)

  • Selected Poems by Seymour Mayne (2006);
  • New Readings of Yiddish Montreal (Traduire le Montréal Yiddish), edited by Pierre Anctil, Norman Ravvin and Sherry Simon (2007);
  • Les Pluies de Septembre by Seymour Mayne (2008).

[Additional] funds supported the scholarly publications of the Vered Program for five years, 2009 – 2013. Funds were used to cover the coMASst of publication of scholarly monographs and essays in Jewish Canadian Studies, both in English and in French, of translations of Yiddish works of significance in the field and in the reprinting of scholarly studies presently out of print” (letter from Pierre Anctil, Director, June 9, 2008).


Some of the publications include:

  • The Old Blue Couch and Other Stories [first published in Spanish translation in 2004 in South America, now also translated into Hebrew] by Seymour Mayne [who inscribed the English volume: “For Dr. Yosef Wosk, staunch friend of the muses”, and the Hebrew one: “Todah Rabah for your generous support in seeing these stories published in Hebrew”]. (2012);
  • Creating Remembrance: Canadian Responses to the Holocaust, Volume I by Rebecca Margolis and students (2012);
  • Ricochet: Word Sonnets / Sonnets d’un Mot by Seymour Mayne with translation into French by Sabine Huynh (2011);
  • Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil: Yiddish Culture in Montreal, 1905-1945 by Rebecca Margolis, McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal & Kingston (2011).


Other books since then:

“Your generous support of the publishing projects fostered at the Vered Jewish Canadian Studies Program has been crucial to our ongoing achievements…. Literary publishing is not lucrative and all the support you provide for these manuscripts is very much appreciated…and crucial to their fruition. I would like you to know that all of us in the Vered Program are most grateful for the support you provided over the past eight years. You helped make possible the publication of a number of scholarly and literary titles that made and continue to make an impact on readers, scholars and students. You have encouraged our research and creativity and I can say on behalf of all, a zeyer shaynem dank” [letter from Prof. Mayne] (2018).

Canadian Responses to the Holocaust, Volume II — Provided bridge financing to this work that represents original research pursued and written by students in the Vered program (2014).

Other books by Seymour Mayne:

  • Perfume: Poems and Word Sonnets, published by Ronald P. Frye & Co., St. Catharines, Ontario. “This publication was made possible by the generous support of Dr. Yosef Wosk, OBC.” With another, handwritten, note: “Thank you for your thoughtful and generous support over the years.” (2020);
  • Cusp: Word Sonnets by Seymour Mayne, bilingual edition, translated into Russian by Mikhail Rykov, Silver Age Publishers, Petersburg, Russia (2019);
  • Fly Off into the Strongest Light: Selected Poems, Leensok Letoch Haor Hachi Chazak: Mevchar Shurim— in English and Hebrew;
  • A Dream of Birds: Word Sonnets, co-authors Seymour Mayne and B. Glen Rotchin, illustrated by Sharon Katz (500 limited edition);
  • In Your Words: Translations from the Yiddish and the Hebrew, Ronald P. Frye & Co., Publishers. “This publication was made possible by the generous support of Dr. Yosef Wosk, OBC” (2017);
  • Ricochet: Word Sonnets, a sequence of short poems, Hebrew translation by Oded Peled [the book had already appeared in French, Spanish and Romanian translations].



Polygon Gallery — Presentation House Gallery


“An internationally recognized community gallery dedicated to photography and media arts; major funders include The Canada Council for the Arts, the British Columbia Arts Council, the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver, and Yosef Wosk. In 2017 PHG opened new facilities and changed its name and funding structure to The Polygon Gallery, British Columbia Photography & Media Arts Society.”

Member of the Publication Circle (2015 – 2016) and a Founding Member of the new museum.



Among a number of books that Yosef helped to publish were:

  • Empties by Moyra Davey. (November 2013)
  • Nanitch: Early photographs of British Columbia from the Langmann Collection, a co-production of Presentation House Gallery and the University of British Columbia. [Reid Shier, Director of Presentation House Gallery, wrote to Yosef (May 17, 2016): “The Langmann show has been an exceptional privilege to help engender. I’m particularly thankful and grateful for the role you played in initiating it.”]  (2016)
  • The Font Book, Lynn Valley 11 by Fiona Banner, published by Presentation House Gallery, Bywater Bros. Editions and The Vanity Press [Lynn Valley 11 is the eleventh publication in this series edited by Reid Shier and Roger Bywater]. (2016)
  • Yes Yes We’re Magicians by Jonah Samson. Published by Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver, and Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver. (2016)
  • Eye to Eye — Forty-six essays, poems, and text-in-between as reactions to a diversity of photographic portraiture. A co-production of Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, a collaboration with The Capilano Review, (North) Vancouver. (Summer 2016)
  • Dana Claxton—Paris, June Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth, Two Thousand & Six, Edition 500, (photographs taken by Dana Claxton during a trip to Paris, France from June 4 – 6, 2006). Edited by Derek Barnett, Dana Claxton and Reid Shier. Published by Presentation House Gallery. (2014)
  • Another Happy Day: Found Photographs Collected by Jonah Samson. (2013)

Video Production

Polygon Curatorial Lecture Series and Documentation Partner to help fund the audio/visual recording of these lectures and conversations that now exist as archival material for the general public, students, and art enthusiasts. Supported by grants from Yosef specifically allocated to the digital documentation of all the Gallery’s talks, lectures and tours as the exclusive educational documentation sponsor. These recorded events were to be shared on their website and archived in their records. (2017 -2019)

The following list is incomplete:

  • Luce Lebart — Lecture on “Collecting and Curating Photographs”. Lebart is Director of the Canadian Photography Institute of the National Gallery of Canada (2017);
  • Interweaving N. Vancouver (March 11, 2018);
  • Dislocating N. Vancouver – Clint Burnham, Tim Lee and Fabien Pinaroli (April 15, 2018);
  • A Conversation With Susan Hiller (May 23, 2018);
  • “Looking at Persepolis: The Camera in Iran, 1850 – 1930)”, Vali Mahlouji, Archaeology of the Final Decade: Militating Through the Archives (November 28, 2017),
  • A mixed festival of arts, Shiraz—Persepolis / by Kaveh Golestan, Prostitute;
  • Danny Lyon, photographer; illustrated lecture on his work (2019).


Vancouver Heritage Foundation

In addition to assisting with ongoing donations to enhance the Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Reading Room (Heritage Research Library) and the Foundation’s website, Yosef has also been their publications champion.


  • Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide by Harold Kalman and Robin Ward, photographed by John Roaf; Douglas & McIntyre Publishers Inc., Vancouver, revised edition. (2012)
  • Exploring Vancouver by Harold Kalman, 4th edition, UBC Press. (2011)
  • The Vancouver Disc — A significant grant for technology and labour to convert the material into a searchable and user-friendly DVD. The Vancouver Disc was originally produced as one of the early Laser Discs, a rather short-lived but revolutionary technology. It is an electronic archive of Vancouver from 1872 to 1983 consisting of 20,876 still pictures, 37 time-lapse sequences and 600 section titles. Patrick Burns. (2011)
  • Stained Glass in Canada Project — Approximately 500 images with a brief descriptive text documenting stained glass in British Columbia. Institute for Stained Glass in Canada; Patrick Burns. (2010 – 2011)
  • “Green” Heritage Case Studies, part of Your Old House, an interactive encyclopedia of traditional house styles and their architectural components; included donation towards completion of an educational architectural web reference tool. (2011)
  • True Colours [part of the Your Old House series] by S. Halfnight and Don Luxton, co-published by Victoria Heritage Foundation, British Columbia Heritage Trust, Heritage Canada Foundation, Benjamin Moore Paints, and the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. (2007)
  • Marine Building Lighting Study. (2006)
  • Burrard Bridge Lighting Study. (2005)


Yosef Wosk Publication Endowment: Vancouver Heritage Foundation

The Yosef Wosk Publication Fund program was launched in Summer 2019.  It is a grant program to support new publications in a variety of media. Publicity included the VHF website, social media channels and e-newsletters; information releases were also sent to external parties including BC Alliance for Arts + Culture, local publishers and authors, VHF Places That Matter project contacts, and diverse cultural and social history/heritage groups. Information was also emailed directly to a large network of potential applicants and related organizations. Up to $10,000 is awarded each year. Other applicants that were not funded are given reasons and advice.

Examples of some successful projects recommended for support were:

  • Komagata Maru: Challenging Injustice, Discrimination meets Determination, by the South Asian Studies Institute. “We thank Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Yosef Wosk Publication Fund for their financial support in the development of this catalogue and gratefully acknowledge their commitment to the preservation of BC heritage.” (2021)
  • Every Place Has A Story by Eve Lazarus (a book in progress; funds used for photo/image research and acquisition); Vancouver Exposed: Searching for the City’s Hidden History by Eve Lazarus, Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver. (2020)
  • Reconnect Event Video Documentary, Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society (funds applied to equipment rental and editing).
  • Voices of Chinatown, Vancouver Chinatown Foundation (video; honoraria to participating community elders, graphic design and permissions; an oral history project for permanent exhibit in the Chinatown Storytelling Centre Museum).
  • National Historic Site Video, Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (short video about the history of Vancouver’s recently recognized National Historic Site of Canada).
  • Vancouver Heritage Foundation Heritage Study Guide for Schools (a published study guide, support for classroom visits, books and field trips.

(The Publication Endowment was established in 2008; reinvigorated 2019 – present)


Museum of Anthropology (MOA) at the University of British Columbia

Significant grants to MOA Publication Fund, UBC Faculty of Arts, include the following titles (2019 – 2022):

  • A Sea of Islands: The Oceanic Collections at the UBC Museum of Anthropology. Grant to Carol E. Mayer FCMA, Head, Curatorial, Interpretation & Design Department, Curator, Pacific + Ceramics, for book on MOA’s Pacific Collection. (2019 – 2022)
  • People Among the People: The Public Art of Susan Point. Initiated, edited and introduction by Robert D. Watt, with a Foreword by Anthony Shelton. Awarded the City of Vancouver Book Award for 2019, the book is “an important art publication—in form and content—on the large-scale art of the Coast Salish artist Susan Point.” Published in collaboration with the Museum of Anthropology, UBC; Figure 1 Publishing, (2017 – 2019)
  • Where the Power Is:Indigenous Perspectives on Northwest Coast Art.  The book brings together over 80 contemporary Indigenous artists and knowledge holders with extraordinary works created by their ancestors, works of historical Northwest Coast art that transcend the category of “art” or “artifact” and embody distinct ways of knowing and being in the world.  Karen Duffek, Bill McLennan and Jordan Wilson in collaboration with the Museum of Anthropology. Figure 1 Publishing.  (2021)
  • Bodies of Enchantment: Puppets from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Editor: Nicola Levell; Authors: Nicola Levell, Anthony Alan Shelton, Jo Ann Cavalo, Annie Katsura Rollins, Sutrisno Setya Hartana, Kathy Foley and Catherine Ries, Mary Jo Arnoldi, Izabela Brochado and Jill Baird. This beautifully illustrated book brings together ten of the world’s leading experts, scholars and practitioners to explore the fascinating world of puppetry arts. Engaging texts and superb photographs profile puppet makers, puppeteers and performances, and highlight MOA’s unique collection of puppets from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The editor and visionary behind the book based on the exhibition that she curated, Shadows, Strings and Other Things, wrote in Acknowledgements: “I am immensely grateful to Beverley Tamboline and Yosef Wosk, whose support, sponsorship and, I would add, sparkling enthusiasm helped guarantee the scope and visual content of this publication.” Figure 1 Publishing.  (2022)
  • Theatrum Mundi: Masks and Masquerades in Mexico and the Andes. Author Anthony Alan Shelton. Theatrum Mundi, the theatre of the world, describes the diversity of masks and performances that originated from the violent struggles between European, Arabic and “New World” civilizations. This authoritative study celebrates over 500 years of Mexican and South American Indigenous dance dramas and explains how mask makers, religious practitioners, masqueraders, and entrepreneurs have helped to continuously reinvent, revitalize and express the changing world around them. The culmination of four decades of research; highly illustrated. Figure 1 Publishing. (2022)
  • Under Different Moons: African Art in Conversation. Authors: Anthony Alan Shelton, Titilope Salami, Nuno Porto. The book profiles the UBC Museum of Anthropology’s previously unpublished and largely unknown African collections. This volume aims to promote dialogue on the collection’s histories and encourage its wider use as a teaching and community resource. Divided into three sections— Writing from Images,” “Rituals in Contemporary Nigerian and Diasporic Arts,” and “African Collections in Times of Restitution”—these essays and their accompanying images are part of a wider attempt to bring to public attention parts of an important cultural legacy, safeguarded in museums across the country. It can help empower new sectors and generations of citizens, widening understanding of Canada’s multi- and intercultural character. Figure 1 Publishing. (2022)


NCSY (National Conference of Synagogue Youth)

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Library of Jewish Thought

Major donation to help facilitate the revising, updating, reprinting and distribution of the 10-volume Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan Library of Jewish Thought for a new generation. The donation was dedicated to the memory of a cousin, Ari Grashin (son of David and Debbie Grashin), who tragically passed away in 2002 when only 16-years old. Dedication pages are included in each book and on the interactive online website.

The titles include:

  • Ani Maamin
  • If You Were God
  • Jerusalem
  • Reaching Out
  • Sabbath
  • Tefillin
  • The Infinite Light
  • The Real Messiah
  • Tzitzith
  • Waters of Eden

The funds were used to assist with publishing and purchasing the books [1,000 copies of each title, totalling 10,000 volumes purchased at-cost by special arrangement with ArtScroll, the publisher]; mailing, distribution and marketing; as well as the development of an online portal to facilitate learning of the material with “hevrusas”, learning partners and mentors.

The books—as single volumes or a complete boxed library—are distributed, without cost, to NCSY members. The organization has regions throughout the United States, Canada, South America and Israel, reaching 28,000 teens worldwide each year. The books are used for both personal, inspirational reading and guided learning sessions either in-person or online.

The curriculum based upon the books, may also be adapted for adult education through Yeshiva University and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations. Principal liaisons for this project included Rabbi Stephen Berger, Head of Judaic Studies, King David High School, Vancouver and former NCSY Director, Pacific Region, and Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin, International Director of NCSY, New York.

Published through the auspices of NCSY, the Orthodox Union, and ArtScroll Publications, New York. Originally published 1976; present revised edition 2021.  (2020 – 2021)


 The Aleph Society — Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz-Even Yisrael Library

The major donor ($10,000 per volume) and catalyst to assist with the publication of ten volumes of as-yet-unpublished works by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz (1937 – 2020). Steinsaltz—described as a “once in a millennium scholar”—was one of Judaism’s leading lights, who authored 60 books and produced a monumental translation of the entire Talmud into modern Hebrew (since translated into numerous other languages). The material for this new series of books, spans 60 years of his career, and is being collected by his principal students from the rabbi’s notes and recorded lectures. A total of 20 original titles will be published: 10 in Hebrew and 10 in English translation. Publishers have been found for each title. Some proposed titles in the Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz-Even Yisrael Library include:

  • Farbrengen — 26 Divrei Torah and Chassidut delivered at the nine farbrengen events of the year;
  • Reaching for Heaven — Excerpts from the writings of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz. Translated by Gaya Aranoff Bernstein; edited by Evyatar Rubin; art by Shachar Gesundheit. Published by the Steinsaltz Center, Maggid Books. The acknowledgement page reads: “Three possessions should you prize: a field, a friend, and a book,” Rav Hai Gaon. With deep gratitude, we acknowledge the support of our friend, Rabbi Dr. Yosef Wosk. His vision has enabled us to bring this series to publication and open the field of Jewish knowledge to all. This volume is dedicated to the reader, a fellow pilgrim on the path. (2022)
  • Interviews — Interviews with Rabbi Steinsaltz originally conducted in English, Hebrew, French and Russian;
  • Essays — Collection of speeches and essays;
  • Sampler — Brief excerpts, each about one page long, with drawings. Excerpts organized by topic. An anthology of the Rabbi’s thinking on a wide range of subjects;
  • How to Grow a Human — On education, with essays both by Rabbi Steinsaltz and his students (those who have become educators);
  • Jewish Simple Words — Essays that define basic words used in Judaism;
  • Sociology of Ignorance — Co-authored with University of California Distinguished Professor Amos Funkenstein on the nature of ignorance.

The liaisons for this dedicated, years-long project, included Margy-Ruth Davis in New York [executive director of the Aleph Society] and Rabbi Steinsaltz’s former assistant and student Fruma Holland Billet in Jerusalem, who has the best sense of the work he did, what the rabbi wanted to accomplish and the unpublished pieces that he left behind. Facilitated through the Aleph Society, New York and the Steinsaltz Center, Jerusalem (whose goal is to promote the rabbi’s mission of “Let My People Know”—making a world of Jewish knowledge accessible to all).  (2020 – 2027)


Alcuin Society

 Amphora Journal

Amphora, The Alcuin Society Journal, published quarterly. In addition to making occasional donations from 2004 – present, Yosef also assists with ongoing honoraria—shared with others who take turns contributing—for the editor who otherwise does considerable work pro bono. (2015 – present)

He has also made other occasional contributions 2004-present.

Amphora (illustrated quarterly journal of The Alcuin Society) — Four special editions featuring commissioned original wood-engraved printers’ marks by Gary Sim, Wesley Bates, Jim Westergard and Michael Kluckner under the direction of Ralph Stanton. (2005 – 2007)

AP = Alcuin Print tipped into Amphora, one of the printers mark series commissioned by Dr. Yosef Wosk. Four prints were completed from an intended series of twelve or more. Each of the four was printed in an edition of 500 by Barbarian Press, of which around 350 each were tipped into issues of Amphora. The remaining prints were retained by the Alcuin Society with the idea that when the entire series was completed, they would be bound into a limited edition book. Each image was to represent the printer’s mark for a real or imagined letterpress printer, Gary Sim designed and cut a logo for the imaginary “Entropy Press”. (October 2007, February 2008, June 2008)


National Award, Medal & Publication

The Robert R. Reid Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Book Arts in Canada — The preeminent national award in its field recognizing lifetime achievement or extraordinary contributions to the book arts in Canada. Yosef initiated the idea, served on the organizing committee and provided full funding both for the award and the commission of a medal. The laureate receives the medal and a citation bearing the Society’s coat of arms [also initiated by YW]. Organized and presented by The Alcuin Society (Conceived in 2004; awarded intermittently 2007 – present)

“Reflections on Robert Reid” and charge to the laureate by Yosef Wosk, Ph.D., OBC in The Alcuin Society presents The Robert Reid Medal for a Lifetime of Excellence [in the Book Arts in Canada], translated into French by Sabine Mabardi. Accompanied by a gold-plated medal [dimensional illustration] designed by Robert Chaplin. The Alcuin Society, Vancouver.  (The article, first published in the Reid Award & Medal Book in 2010, was reprinted in The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada catalogue in 2012 and in Amphora. It has been distributed in book form as part of the national award ceremony until present)


Annual Catalogue

Yosef is the principal benefactor for the only national competition that recognizes and celebrates fine book design in Canada, featuring ten competition categories. Other improvements to the Awards—as quoted in part from a December 29, 1999 letter from Richard Hopkins, chair of the Awards Committee—included:

“Your generous support to the Alcuin Society’s Canadian Book Design Awards made a significant difference to this year’s competition. Some of the improvements that we were able to make include: 1) strengthening of the Design Committee; 2) production of a Procedures Manual; 3) redesign of the Application Form; 4) ability to bring in judges from other parts of Canada to begin to broaden the geographical representation; 5) acquire a better venue for judging; 6) production of a more elaborate catalogue of the award winning books; 7) citations sent to both the publisher and the designer for the first time; 8) design of a seal for award winners to display on their books; 9) display of the award winning books at Word on the Street; 10) display of the award winning books at the Canadian Graphic Designers trade show; 11) article in Quill & Quire about the competition; 12) article in B.C. BookWorld about the competition. The Alcuin Society, Vancouver.  (1999 — present)

The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada / Prix de la Société Alcuin pour l’excellence de la conception graphique du livre au Canada — Major grants to help publish annual catalogues. The first bilingual catalogue was introduced in 2004 and colour was preserved by Wosk’s increased funding in subsequent years. An acknowledgement has been printed in the catalogue for a number of years: “As well as helping us financially over a period of eight years, Dr. Wosk has, with enthusiasm, wisdom, and specific clear advice, helped us to increase the awards from the relatively modest undertaking they once were to the national competition they are today.”  (1999 – present)

Video and Audio

50th Golden Anniversary of The Alcuin Society

A series of lectures to mark the event. Presenters about the history of The Alcuin Society included:

  • Alex Rimmer spoke about the work of his grandfather the late Jim Rimmer, a well-known Canadian graphic designer, letterpress printer, proprietor of Pie Tree Press and designer of typefaces. (September 24, 2015);
  • Don Stewart, proprietor of MacLeod’s Books, spoke about his early years and life as a bookseller (October 22, 2015);
  • Richard Hopkins, retired professor of the UBC School of Librarianship and longtime Alcuin Society Board member, spoke about the fifty year history of The Alcuin Society (November 26, 2015).

Events were held at The Post on Hamilton Street in Vancouver. Associated celebration was the Wayzgoose book fair at the Vancouver Public Library. Recordings initiated, produced and funded by Yosef; filming by David Cooperstone.

Reidfest: An evening to celebrate Robert R. Reid and his many contributions to the book arts — Co-sponsored by Simon Fraser University Library, the Alcuin Society, and Yosef Wosk who produced the DVD video recording of this historic event that included a full evening of lectures, reflections, an exhibition and reception for the inauguration of the Robert R. Reid Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Book Arts in Canada. Speakers included Eric L. Swanick, Rollin Milroy, Charlie Mayrs, Peter F. McNally, Takao Tanabe and Yosef Wosk. Photography by Yukiko Onley and Jason Vanderhill; video by SFU Media Centre. Technical service included filming, editing, music, disc duplication, full-colour disc label printed, DVD cases, full-colour cover printing, assembly and shrink-wrap.  (November 16, 2007)

Rimmerfest: An evening to celebrate Jim Rimmer and his many contributions to the book arts. Speakers included Robert Bringhurst, Dick Kouwenhoven, Charles van Sandwyk, and Denise Carson-Wilde. Co-sponsored by Simon Fraser University Library, the Alcuin Society, and Yosef Wosk who produced the DVD.  (November 25, 2006)

Basbanes Lectures — Yosef was principal sponsor, along with host The Alcuin Society, for visit of Nicholas Basbanes, prolific author and a leading authority on books about books and related subjects. Basbanes presented eight library-centred lectures (six in Vancouver and two in Victoria): some academic at Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and University of Victoria; others for the general public at Vancouver Museum and Victoria Conservatory of Music. A master storyteller, he presented anecdotes about university presses, famous booksellers and book collectors, and various and sundry book rogues and thieves. Yosef arranged for audio recordings of six lectures; available in a boxed set. (October 28 -31, 2008)

  • “Scholarly Publishing in the 21st Century: The Yale Paradigm”
  • “On Paper: A New Adventure”, on paper and papermaking
  • “The Fruits of a Gentle Madness”, on the enduring nature of the book and the relationship between collectors and libraries
  • “The continuous importance of the book and reading in society”
  • “Thirty Years on the Bookbeat”, Nick’s experiences as a writer of books on books
  • “A Fellowship of Books”, on bookselling and collecting


Robert R. Reid limited edition books

Robert Reid, is the namesake of the Robert R. Reid Award & Medal for a Lifetime of Excellence in the Book Arts in Canada, presented by The Alcuin Society. He started Graphos Press in 1951 in Vancouver before leaving for Montreal in 1962 where he worked as the designer for McGill University Press. In 1974 he moved to Connecticut. Over the next 23 years, he produced over a million books as a book packager for major publishers. He returned to Vancouver in 1997, from where he designed and issued tens of digitally-printed limited editions and collectable ephemera.

After Reid—who became a dear mentor and close friend to Yosef—passed away on January 21, 2022 at the age of 95, his longtime companion, Terry Berger, wrote from New Haven, Connecticut: “How wonderfully generous you were to Bob and his Projects, Creations, and Artistry. You added more Years to his life than any doctor or medication could. We are told that God created man in His image. You are the prime exemplar of that.”

The following soft-cover books, each about 72 pages including text and highly illustrated, bear the following acknowledgment on the frontispiece: “This book has been designed and produced by Robert Reid from Wikipedia information and other material found on the Internet, the whole being made into a book with the assistance of Yosef Wosk at Vancouver in 2020.”

Decorative Buckram Book Covers Used Before Book Jackets Were Invented

Golf in Canada — Canadian Women Golfers, Professional Golfers, Canadian Amateur Golf, Amateur Winners

Famous Photographers — Margaret Bourke-White, Cecil Beaton

Famous Photographers — Edward Weston, Irving Penn

Famous Photographers — Art Wolfe, André Kertész

Famous Photographers — Henri Cartier-Bresson, Imogen Cunningham

Famous Photographers — Robert Capa, Lilo Raymond

Famous Photographers — Yousef Karsh

Famous Photographers — Edward Steichen, Berenice Abbott

Famous Photographers — Alfred Eisenstaedt, Dorothea Lange

Midnight in Paris

Famous Aviators — Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindberg, Howard Hughes, Jacqueline Cochran, Roscoe Turner, Wiley Post

Women Movie Stars — Ida Lupino, Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich

The following volumes were produced in 2019 – 2020:

Movie Moguls — Adolph Zukor, Cecil B. DeMille, Darryl F. Zanuck, Samuel Goldwyn

Film Studios — Paramount Pictures, RKO Radio Pictures

Film Studios — Columbia, 20th Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Film Studios — Universal Studios, Warner Bros.

Roaring Twenties, The Jazz Age

Great Science Fiction Writers

Famous Crime Writers

Medical Inventors

Paris Golden Years: One — Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Man Ray, Gertrude Stein, Piet Mondrian

Paris Golden Years: Two — Henri Matisse, Fernand Leger, Ernest Hemingway, Joan Miro, Amadeo Modigliani

Women Songsters from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s — Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Peggy Lee, Helen Forrest, Rosemary Clooney, Billie Holiday, Alberta Hunter, Josephine Baker

Famous Song Writers — Richard Whiting, Walter Donaldson, Harold Arlen, 1930s Song Covers

Famous Athletes: Women

1930s Hollywood Movie Stars: Men (Volume 1) — Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster, Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart

1930s Hollywood Movie Stars: Men (Volume 2) — Gregory Peck, James Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Fred Astaire, Robert Redford, Spencer Tracy

1930s Hollywood Movie Stars: Men (Volume 3) — Charlton Heston, John Wayne, William Holden, Glenn Ford, Henry Fonda, Mel Gibson

1930s Hollywood Women Stars — Joan Crawford, Ingrid Bergman, Loretta Young, Greta Garbo, Hedy Lamarr, Norma Shearer

Hollywood: 1930s Women Film Stars — Katharine Hepburn, Myrna Loy, Claudette Colbert, Betty Grable, Carole Lombard

Hollywood Movie Stars (Women 1) — Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine, Meryl Streep, Greer Garson, Merle Oberon, Alice Faye

Hollywood Movie Stars (Women 2) — Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Wyman, Paulette Goddard, Ginger Rogers, Rosalind Russell, Doris Day, Ava Gardner

Hollywood Movie Stars — Julia Roberts, Jane Fonda, Julie Andrews, Goldie Hawn, Grace Kelly, Susan Sarandon

Hollywood Movie Stars — Cher, Helen Hunt, Diane Keaton, Meg Ryan, Ashley Judd, Andie MacDowell, Anne Heche

Hollywood Movie Stars: Volume 5 —Kirk Douglas, Charles Bronson, Martin Sheen, Sidney Poitier, Yul Brynner, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman

Hollywood Movie Stars: Volume 6 — Paul Newman, Tom Hanks, Warren Beatty, Donald Sutherland, Morgan Freeman, Walter Matthau, Kiefer Sutherland

Hollywood Movie Stars: Volume 7 — Edward G. Robinson, George C. Scott, Robert Ryan, Sylvester Stallone, Chief Dan George, Marlon Brando, Dan Aykroyd

Hollywood Movie Stars: Volume 8 — William Powell, George Clooney, Orson Welles

1930s Famous American Gangsters — John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Baby Face Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly, Pretty Boy Floyd, Two Gun Crowley, Vincent Coll, Alvin Karpis, Ma Barker Gang, Legs Diamond

1930s Big Bands — Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Count Basie, Charlie Barnet, Duke Ellington

Birthday Pages — A treasury of over 250 individual birthday greetings, beautifully designed with text and illustrations, each one 8.5” x 11”, celebrating a world cultural icon. One day these will be celebrated as among Reid’s most interesting work.


Other publications by Reid that were mostly “Produced with the generous assistance of Dr. Yosef Wosk” include:

Immeasurable Forever: Digital Ephemera selected by CAUSA and Designed by Robert Reid. (2019)

A series of publications on Postage Stamps including: Colonial Postage Stamps of the British Empire: Celebrating Peace and Victory in World War II; Colonial Postage Stamps of the British Empire: Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II; Colonial Postage Stamps of the British Empire: Celebrating the 1937 Coronation of King George VI. [n.d.]

2017 Calendar: The Great American Scenic Railroad by Terry Berger and Robert Reid. (2017)

2017 Calendar: Dude Ranches of the American West — Designed and produced by Robert R. Reid and Terry Berger. (2017)

2017 Calendar: The HO Gauge Model Railroad of Robert Reid and Jan Alexander. (2017)

2017 Calendar: Great Fishing and Hunting Lodges of North America [originally published in 1984]. (2017)

The Little Black Book of World War II by Terry Berger; designed and introduction by Robert Reid, privately printed in New Haven. (2017)

The Women Who Designed Classic British Posters. [n.d.]

1950s American Automobiles. [n.d.]

The Chicagoan. [n.d.]

Calendar for 2016: George Kuthan Decorative Linocut Initials 

Calendar for 2016: Photographs taken by George Gardner for the Country Inns of America

Calendar for 2016: Photographs taken by Lilo Raymond for the Country Inns of America series produced by Robert Reid; published by Architectural Digest in Los Angeles and New York in 1978

George Kuthan’s Illustrations for An Academic Symposium at the University of British Columbia [reprint; originally done in 1960]. (c. 2015)

Metaphors from the Daily Paper, collected by Terry Wapner Berger and made into a book by Robert Reid. “Special acknowledgment of Yosef Wosk for his contribution to the production of this book.” Privately printed, New Haven, Connecticut. (2015)

The Museum of Metaphors — Collected by Terry Wapner Berger and made into a book by Robert Reid. “Special acknowledgment of Yosef Wosk for his contribution to the production of this book.” Privately printed, New Haven, Connecticut. (2013)

The Philatelic Story of World War II, from the Stamp Collection of Robert R. Reid. Privately printed in a limited edition, 335 pages, Vancouver, dedicated to three people including “Yosef Wosk, for his financial and moral support over the years. (2013)

Proposal — Mock up for a 2009 Alcuin Pocket Calendar with photographs from the collection of Yosef Wosk. (2009)

Proposal — Mock up for 2009 Alcuin Pocket Calendar with twelve title pages selected from the library of Yosef Wosk. (2009)

Duthie’s Bookmarks: 50 Years of Bookmarks for Duthie Books that were commissioned from Vancouver artists by Bill Duthie, Celia Duthie, and Cathy Duthie Legate. A deluxe limited edition, first edition of fifty copies, designed and produced by Robert R. Reid, published by the Alcuin Society, Vancouver. (2008)

Illustrations from Children’s Books — Selected by Robert R. Reid from his personal collection with an Introduction by Marilynne V. Black, privately printed in a limited edition of fifteen copies. (2007)

Printed Ephemera from the Collection of Terry Berger — Edited by R.R. Reid, privately printed, Vancouver (2006)

Drawings by Gary McIlroy: Together with extracts from the 1910 – 1913 diaries of Franz Kafka, privately printed at Vancouver. (2006)

Reflections on Art & the Artist — Text by Yosef Wosk, preface by Ron Burnett, two tip-in illustrations, chapbook for Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, ed. of 500 and 50 deluxe copies, Aryel Publishing House. (2005)

Printing: A Lifelong Addiction — A series of 6 boxed volumes. (2003 – 2005)

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Thirty philosophers answer this timeless question — Watercolours by Robin Wall, text adapted by Valerie Frith, designed & produced by Robert Reid, 1st ed. of 50 copies privately printed at Vancouver.  (2005)

Classic Title Pages — Printed on cards and boxed; originally published in New York in 1984, and were sold at a small press book fair in Madison Square Garden by Robert Reid and Terry Berger; now revised and reprinted principally for the Alcuin Society and Vancouver Public Library Wayzgoose. (2004)

Drawings of Nudes by Ingeburg von Hammerstein accompanied by The “Dark Lady” Sonnets of William Shakespeare — Two introductions, 30 colour illustrations, 1st ed. of 25 copies, privately printed at Vancouver. (2004)


Robert R. Janes Initiatives

Activist Museum Award — Yosef has provided publishing grants to Robert R. Janes to assist with a number of projects over the years. He is also assisting with prize funding for The Activist Museum Award conceived of and initially funded by Janes. Initiated in 2019 for United Kingdom nominees through the University of Leicester, the award is for an individual or group working in/with museums to support the research and development of an activist project that reflects the ideas presented by Robert Janes and Richard Sandell in their book, Museum Activism (2019). It refers to ‘museum practice, shaped out of ethically-informed values, that is intended to bring about political, social and environmental change.’ We have also invited the Canadian Museums Association and the American Museums Association to include such national awards. Robert Janes, Ph.D., from Canmore, Alberta, is an independent scholar-practitioner, a former museum director, author, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Museum Management and Curatorship, and a Visiting Fellow at the School of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester (UK).  (2019)

Museum Activism book — Robert also received a research grant for his book concerned with museums and activism. Museum Activism, Robert R. Janes and Richard Sandell, part of the publication series Museum Meanings (Routledge an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group Publishers, London and New York, 2019). “The College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities at the University of Leicester (UK) provided invaluable financial support for the preparation for this book, as did Yosef Wosk, scholar and philanthropist at Simon Fraser University (Canada). We thank them for their generosity and commitment to this work.”  (2018)

Museums Without Borders book — Acknowledgment for Yosef’s support of independent scholarship in Museums Without Borders: Selected Writings of Robert R. Janes (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, London and New York, 2016). “I acknowledge and thank Yosef Wosk, the Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars, and Simon Fraser University for awarding me an Independent Scholars Grant in support of this book. Their support of independent scholarship in Canada is pioneering.” (2015)

Canadian Academy of Independent Scholars — Further grants [funded by Yosef] awarded to Janes include: Recipient of the Beatrice Gross Independent Scholars Award, for Museums in a Troubled World: Renewal, Irrelevance or Collapse, published by Routledge, London and New York (2009); preparing a third and revised edition of his book Museums and the Paradox of Change, Routledge Publishers, London and New York (2012); and preparation of his book Museum Economics: Selected Writings of Robert R. Janes, collected articles concerning the museum’s role in society, spanning his 40 years in the museum field (2014).

Personal grants to independent scholars, other authors and publishers include:

 Huw Lewis-Jones

Huw Lewis-Jones is a British historian, adventurer, professor, editor, broadcaster and art director. Formerly a historian and Curator of Art at the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, Lewis-Jones left Cambridge in June 2010 to pursue book and broadcasting projects. He is the Editorial Director of the independent publishing company Polarworld. Wosk met Lewis-Jones, who was an historian and guide, in 2016 aboard the Kapitan Khlebnikov during an expedition in the Arctic through the Northwest Passage.

A series of ongoing grants to assist with research and writing leading to the publication of a number of titles including: The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands, edited by Huw Lewis-Jones. Acknowledgment in book: “In the ice and ashore, Yosef Wosk nurtured this project in its earliest stages, and his ongoing generosity and friendship are dear to me.” Thames & Hudson, London and New York (2018); Honorarium to assist with picture edits for publication of his PhD dissertation and organizing lectures accompanying the publication of Explorers Sketchbooks (2017).

Support for continuing research on four new books, each to be made with his longtime publisher Thames & Hudson, the British Library or others. Titles include:

  • The Sea Journal: Seafarers’ Sketchbooks by Huw Lewis-Jones, Foreword by Don Walsh, with over 400 illustrations, Chronicle Books, San Francisco. In the Acknowledgments, Huw included: “From his beautiful corner of the Pacific, Yosef Wosk supported this project with wisdom.” (2019);
  • Swallowed by a Whale. A small anthology and, hopefully, discrete oral history project for the British Library…working with a range of authors and teasing out their thoughts on how to survive the writing life. Tentative title: Swallowed by a Whale…. The author confided: “In all honesty, there is no budget, and no real glory in it for me. But I just love making books and working with other authors. The British Library, who will publish it, is obviously very happy that I am making for the love of it. My bank balance, less so….”;
  • A third project will be a new history of photography, specifically looking at how images are circulated and shared, through time…and revealing the hidden histories behind some influential early works…Its tentative title…The First Photograph….;
  • The last will be, as curator and editor of potentially a travelling Crusoe exhibition and collaborative project with illustrators…The Art of Crusoe…is my working title, with book artists from around the world creating their own fantasy islands, in celebration of the book’s 300th year in 2019.


BC BookWorld

Yosef has been an enthusiastic supporter of BC BookWorld, overseen by Pacific BookWorld News Society, along with its online daily literary news site, BCBookLook. The hugely popular and influential quarterly newspaper about B.C. books began in 1987 and it soon became Canada’s largest-circulation, independent publication about literature.

He also contributed to the maintenance of the newspaper’s encyclopedic database for and about more than 12,500 BC authors, ABCBookWorld. With the formative partnership and technical support of Simon Fraser University Library, this site has provided extensive reference information for books and authors pertaining to British Columbia, including an on-line archive of BC BookWorld. It is now independently published. Yosef was also an early supporter and eventually Honorary Patron of The Ormsby Review, an online site that finds B.C. reviewers to review books written by B.C. writers concerning B.C. topics from B.C. publishers. The Ormsby Review was created under the umbrella of B.C. BookWorld. It is now independently operated by Richard Mackie as the British Columbia Review.

The Indigenous Literary Map of British Columbia is a stand-alone website linked to the BC BookLook daily news site. It is a digital reference site of the literary contributions of over 200 Indigenous authors of BC, to encourage awareness of Indigenous storytelling, writing and books in BC. It is easily the largest such work ever undertaken in any province of Canada. It presents biographical and bibliographical materials, as well as photos and descriptions, for more than 500 books, freely available, for the general public. It has been supported by Yosef Wosk in tandem with the original Literary Map of British Columbia for and about B.C. authors in general.

All these initiatives were generated and managed by Alan Twigg, CM, D.Litt., on a volunteer basis. He was also a co-founder of the BC Book Prizes. According to the West Coast Book Prize Society, “The BC Book Prizes, established in 1985, celebrate the achievements of British Columbia writers and publishers. The prizes are administered and awarded by members of a non-profit society who represent all facets of the publishing and writing community.” Yosef co-sponsored the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize for one year (2010) and also initiated the BC Book Prize Endowment Fund ($10K) at the Vancouver Foundation in 2009. Twigg and Wosk have also collaborated for:

  • Literary Landmarks Project with the Vancouver Public Library;
  • George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Award for an Outstanding Literary Career in British Columbia — annual donor;
  • George Ryga Award for Social Awareness — annual donor.
  • Short films (“Philip Boname et Le Petit Prince”; “A Birthday Interview”, and “Ronald Hatch Memorial Celebration”).
  • Historical research (The Vancouver—Dutch Connection: Coevorden).
  • GIDAL: The Unusual Friendship of Yosef Wosk and Nachum Tim Gidal – Letters & Photos (Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. 2022)
  • Out of Hiding: Holocaust Literature of British Columbia — with an Afterword by Wosk (Ronsdale Press 2022).


Robert Lemon — Former Senior Heritage Planner for the City of Vancouver, Robert Lemon is one of Canada’s premier heritage architects and advocates. Publication grant for An Architect’s Address Book — The places that shaped a career. “A memoir, the book has 18 chapters, each one about a place—and address—where I have lived while studying or working in architecture and conservation.” Published by ORO Editions, Novato, California.  (2022)

Sandra Djwa — Grants to hire a researcher/typist to help her with the final chapters of her book, Living on the Margins: Country, Writing, Gender. She commented: “It deals with early Newfoundland beginnings, the emergence and teaching of our national literature, university life, the major cultural figures that I met along the way, and the experiences of  a woman scholar at a time when few women were tenured.” Sandra Djwa, is a professor emeritus of English Literature at Simon Fraser University and one of the most respected scholars in the country. She was named to the Order of Canada in 2020.  (2022)

Ronsdale Press — Out of Hiding: Holocaust Literature of British Columbia by Alan Twigg. This quote from the publisher’s catalogue: “There will soon be no eye-witnesses to the Holocaust. As Tolstoy famously put it, what is to be done? One answer is Out of Hiding, a cross-section of stories collected from one region of the globe—British Columbia, Canada—examining 85 authors and 160 books. Outstanding personalities include the heroic whistleblower, Rudolf Vrba, credited by historian Sir Martin Gilbert with saving at least 100,000 lives, as well as Robbie Waisman, likely the only person ever to sneak his way into Nazi prison camps, twice. Discoveries include Dr. Tom Perry’s never-published photos of just-liberated Buchenwald, a little-known Warsaw Ghetto memoir by Stanislav Adler and Jennie Lifschitz, perhaps the only Canadian-born Jew to have survived the camps. This wide-ranging collection is dedicated to Dutch-born survivor Robert Krell—the MLK of Holocaust education in Canada—who has dauntlessly paved the way for memory retrieval since the 1970s. Illustrated and profoundly educational, with an Afterword by Yosef Wosk, this patchwork quilt of memory and history is the first of its kind to have a regional lens from somewhere in North America.” Ronsdale Press.  (2022)

Angela Clarke — Two publications and programming in progress. 1) 150 years since the birth of Italian-Canadian sculptor Charles Marega (1871 – 1939), most famously known as the sculptor of the Lions on the Lions Gate Bridge. Grant to be used in preparation of an exhibit, catalogue, book and inventory.  2) Abraham Jedidiah Rogatnick (1923 – 2009) — Architect, co-founder of Vancouver’s first modern art gallery, New Design Gallery, professor of architecture, specialist on Venice. Funding in preparation of an exhibit, impact of the New Design Gallery and Abraham Rogatnick’s work in bringing contemporary art to Vancouver; explore his thoughts on the Vancouver-Venice parallels, and a publication.  Clarke is the Museum Director and Curator, Il Museo Gallery at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver.  (2020 – 2022)

Susan Mertens A Life of Jack Shadbolt [working title], based on the artist’s archives at UBC; Douglas & McIntyre Publishers.  (2019 – 2022)

Harold Kalman — Publishing grant for Harold Kalman, CM, PhD, LLD, Heritage Conservation and Architectural History, regarding his proposed monograph on the Toronto architect, Eric R. Arthur (1898-1972). Kalman wrote [July 3, 2020]: “Arthur was an inspiring educator who taught at the University of Toronto for years, a fine writer whom you may know from his Toronto, No Mean City, a dedicated heritage activist who led the charge to save Toronto’s Old City Hall and St. Lawrence Hall, and an architect of only moderate talent. His many students included Ned Pratt and Bob Berwick, who both told me that they thought the world of him. So, in some ways, Eric Arthur was the father of West Coast modernism. Arthur’s buildings illustrate the transition from Beaux-Arts to modernist architecture.” The University of Toronto Press.  (pending 2022)

Ron Hatch — Gift of appreciation for lifetime achievement in publishing, Ronsdale Press, Vancouver.  (2021)

Stir  — Donations to this independent, online magazine devoted to arts and culture in Vancouver and British Columbia. Independent digital arts journalism. (2021 – 2022)

Rahel WoskA Modern Madness, an illustrated limited edition art book of Rahel’s black & white and coloured “blind contour” drawings. Designed by master bookman Robert R. Reid; bound by Rasmussen Bindery, North Vancouver.  (2021)

Dina Goldstein — Grant to assist with the organization of the internationally-known photographer’s lifetime archives (much of it now online) and the publication of a book as a retrospective of her work. Vancouver.  (2021)

Christopher Phillips — Phillips is founder of Socrates Cafe and Democracy Cafe programs in the US, a Harvard University Network Ethics Fellow, and Senior Fellow at the National Constitution Center, and author of numerous books including Socrates Café: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy, and Constitution Café: Jefferson’s Brew for a True Revolution. He wrote an invitational chapter for our book Café Conversations: Democracy and Dialogue in Public Spaces, for which he received an honorarium from Yosef (2020). Also received Independent Scholars grants for his books Shakespeare’s Enduring Questions and Soul of Goodness with an Introduction by Cornell West. Yosef is among a list of individuals thanked by the author in his acknowledgments. He concludes by writing: “If not for these incredible souls, I would not have had the means, upon my father’s passing, to find a way forward in all that I aspire to accomplish in my mortal moment.” He also received a travel grant to assist with his trip to Saudi Arabia where, with the encouragement of Dr. Hadi Al’Shaikh Nasser, he introduced the concept of the public conversation cafe (Socrates Cafe), a somewhat revolutionary initiative in that country (2021). Chris wrote (January 18, 2022): “I will never be able to thank you sufficiently for the several grants you made to me in 2020, truly a godsend, as well as the one you so kindly gave to support my first trip to Saudi Arabia last year (it really made that trip feasible, and I am forever grateful). Most of all, I’m grateful for you yourself—your empathy and humility and generosity are a beacon for me.”

Michael Higgins — Independent Scholars grants to assist with research, illustrations and other related costs for a volume on Pope Francis.  (2020; 2022)

Dan ProppNostalgic Roads, A series of short stories punctuated by the author’s photographs and song lyrics. Acknowledgment: “My thanks to Yosef Wosk for his support and encouragement.” Richmond, B.C. (2014). Also assisted with publishing and distribution of his father’s memoir, Where the Straight Path Leads, by Arthur Propp, an autobiography in which he guides the reader through the life of a German Jew from East Prussia from the end of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century (2018). A third, post-production grant, was for Postcards of the Past + The Postcard Photographer from Los Angeles (2021).

Pat Johnson — A grant of gratitude to author, newspaper columnist, community organizer, and public relations mavin for lifetime achievement.  (2020)

Nicholas Basbanes — On Paper: The Everything of its Two-Thousand-Year History by a Self-Confessed Bibliophiliac — Basbanes, author of Gently Mad and considered one of the preeminent writers on bibliophiles and all things related to books, inscribed the book: “For Yosef Wosk — Philanthropist, Bibliophile, and champion of independent scholarship, with gratitude for your support of this book, and for your continuing friendship. Nicholas A. Basbanes, North Grafton, Mass., X.XXX.MMXIII.” Also mentioned in Acknowledgments, pp. 371 – 372: “My deepest thanks to the National Endowment for the Humanities for a generous fellowship in 2008 that helped me focus my full attention on this project, and to the Vancouver philanthropist Dr. Yosef Wosk, a champion of the literary arts and a keen advocate of independent scholarship, for hosting a lecture tour I made to British Columbia, and for a thoughtful grant in support of this book.” Alfred A. Kopf (A Borzoi Book), New York.  (2013)

Cross of Snow: A Life of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; New York: Knopf. The author wrote in Acknowledgments: “…[M]y appreciation to … the Vancouver philanthropist Dr. Yosef Wosk, for his continuing support of independent scholarship, and of my work in particular.”  (2020)

Parabola Magazine — Donation to support the magazine published four times a year, thematic issues on the world’s spiritual traditions by The Society for the Study of Myth and Tradition; New York.  (2020 – 2022)

Brian Kaufman — Grants to assist Anvil Press through numerous office moves.  (2020 – 2021)

Robert Chaplin — Teeny Ted from Turnip Town & The Tale of Scale: A Scientific Book of Word Puzzles, Library Edition. First published as a unique objet d’art, a collection of thirty micro-tablets, carved in 2007 by Robert Chaplin at Simon Fraser University, later recognized by Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest book ever made. Story written by Malcolm Douglas Chaplin, illustrated and conceived by Robert Chaplin; published by Friesen in Canada. (2012)

The Elves & The Shoemaker by The Brothers Grimm, Shoes by John Fluevog, adapted and illustrated by Robert Chaplin; published by Library Edition, Vancouver. (2016)

Stories of My Father — Text and illustrations. (Pending 2022)

Lynne Teather — Significant donations through the Canadian Museums Association to assist with research, editing and publication of book project on the History of Canadian Museums, Volume 2. The work is still pending with the Canadian Museums Association. (2014, 2018, 2020)

Avraham Cohen — Avraham Cohen, Heesoon Bai, Carl Leggo, Marion Porath, Karen Meyer, and Anthony Clarke, Speaking of Learning: Recollections, Revelations, and Realizations. Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei: Sense Publishers. (2014)

Becoming Fully Human Within Education Environments: Inner life, Relationship, and Learning. Burnaby, BC: The Write Room Press (Previously published: Cohen, A. [2009], Gateway to the Dao-field: Essays for the awakening educator. Amherst, NY: Cambria.) “A special thank you to Dr. Yosef Wosk and the Yosef Wosk Libraries, Museums and Archives Fund for a gracious contribution toward the cost of preparing the manuscript.” p. xiv (2015, 2nd edition).

The Human Dimension in Education or Becoming Fully Human Within Education Environments: Inner life, Relationship, and Learning. “A special thank you to Dr. Yosef Wosk and the Yosef Wosk Libraries, Museums and Archives Fund for support for the third edition of my book and for previous support for the publication of writing projects of mine and for co-authored manuscripts.” p. 20. (3rd edition, 2019)

Christopher Best, Warfleet Press,

It Ain’t Over Until Faye Leung the Hat Lady Sings: The Faye & Dean Chun Kwong Leung Story (How Canada Became Multicultural). Yosef initiated, helped to organize, ground, fund and publish this biography of the effervescent pioneer in the Chinese and real estate communities, affectionately known as the Hat Lady. Author and publisher, Christopher Best, was hired to research and write Leung’s biography. 460 pages; highly illustrated with photographs. (Scheduled for 2018 but delayed until 2021)

— The Train to Haida Gwaii. One hundred Alaska and British Columbian First Nations artists are profiled.  (2015; YW assisted with 2nd edition, 2020). It includes Nathan Jackson, Ken Dekker, Norman Jackson, Marvin Oliver, Brita Alinder, Reggie Peterson Sr., Charlie Shockley Jr., Nicholas Galanin, Tommy Joseph, Dave Galanin, Willis Osbakken, Ed Malline, Gene Chilton, Doug Chilton, Brian Chilton, Sonny Grant, Anna Brown Ehlers, Percy & Ed Kunz, Beasley Boys, Florence Sheakley, Donald Gregory, Lonnie Hodge, Wayne Price, John Hagen, Clifford Thomas, Greg Horner, ‘the three ladies from the gift shop at the Native Medical Center in Anchorage,’ Darlene C. Nichols, Diana Burton, Gloria Cunningham, Jerry Lieb Jr., Laura Wright, Franklin F. Matchian, Moses Wasslie, Julian Iya, Bryon Lloyd Amos, Jan L. See, Lisa L. Powell, Karen Pungowiyi, Rose Albert, Emma Hildebrand, Robin P. Fields, Dennis Pungowiyi, Lenwood Saccheus, Eva Bryant, Douglas Yates, Ursula Paniyak, laura J. Lagstrom, Susan Henry, Patrick Lind, Percy C. Avugiak, Peter Lind Jr., Peter Lind Sr., Alfred Naumoff, Andrew Abyo, Marlene Nielsen, Tony Weyiouanna, Francis & Mary Kakoona, Dennis Sinnock, Walter K. Nayokpuk, Martina John, Lela Ahgook, Beauford “Charlie” Pardue, June L. Pardue, Umara Nupowhotuk, Rainey Higbee, Samantha Goodwin, Larry S. Okomailak Sr., Joanne Swanson, Selina Alexander, Geo McKay, Jacqueline McNeil, Titus Aukland, Todd Stephens, Dempsey Bob, Stan Bevin, Earle Muldon, Alver C. Tait, Ron Sebastian, Evelyn Vanderhoop, Jim Hart, Reg Davidson, Christian White, Christine Carty, Marlene Liddle, Teri Russ, James Sawyer, Joyce Bennett, Robert Bennett, Cory Savard, Cooper Wilson, Carrie Anne Vanderhoop Bellis, Merle Anderson, Georgia Bennett, Ernie Burnett, Ben Davidson, Roberta Olson, Dolly Garza, Gladys Vandal, Claytone Gladstone, Robert Vogstad, Giitsxaa, Sylvia Young, Victoria Moody, Tim Boyko, Garner Moody, Billy Bellis, Nelson Cross, Tom Greene Jr., Norman Price, Wayne Wilson, Gregory N.Williams, Ben Davidson, Val Malesku, Wendy Malesku.

— My Greek Barber’s Diary: The George Chronopoulos Story.  (2014)

— The Life and Times of the Legendary Mr. D: The story of Arthur W. Delamont and his champion Vancouver Kitsilano Boys’ Band.  (2013, reprint 2014)

Naomi Steinberg — Goosefeather: Once Upon A Cartographic Adventure.  (2020)

Federico Gargiulo — Toby: The Polar Pig series of children’s books. Publisher Federico Gargiulo wrote to Yosef that their “first children’s book about Antarctica was called Toby: The Polar Pig. It was based on the true story of a pig that came to Antarctica on two different expeditions. Toby was the mascot of both voyages. The story introduces different Antarctic animals to the children, like penguins, seals and whales. The book is a success on Antarctic ships and in shops in Argentina. Now we want to spread the adventures of Toby worldwide, to try to educate children from different countries, to create an awareness about the fragility of the white continent in the context of the climate change and the future of Antarctica when the Antarctic Treaty finishes. We strongly believe that kids will be the real ambassadors for the future of this amazing part of the Earth.” Yosef met Federico, who operated the modest gift/convenience shop, when they were aboard the Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov on a three-month circumnavigation of the Arctic in 2016 and offered to support any project related to the study or conservation of the polar regions. Four adventures—including Toby: Rendezvous at Port Lockroy—are being published in Spanish, English, French, Chinese and possibly other languages. Written by Federico Gargiulo and Fabrice Genevois; illustrated by Eugenia Nobati. Published by Editorial Sudpol—Hoorn Vintage, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego / Buenos Aires, Argentina.  (2018, 2019 and 2020)

David Lester — Graphic novel on Emma Goldman.  (2020)

René Rivard (with Anne Castelas) Un homme, une vision, des musées … René Rivard et la nouvelle muséologie / Autobiography: A Cultural Life History. Rivard is a Fellow of the Canadian Museums Association and co-founder of CULTURA in Outremont Quebec, a company that works in cultural engineering in the fields of design and construction of museums, historic sites, interpretation centres, and cultural facilities. Yosef encouraged and was the principal sponsor of this biography—in French, and second volume in English translation—of a significant figure in the history of Canadian museums. (2015 – 2021)

The Scribe, The Journal of the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia [aka The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia]. Annual publication grant to assist with editorial honorarium; published annually on a thematic subject. Editor Cynthia Ramsay.  (2019 – present)

Yuriy RubinWe Will Remember Forever! Jews of the World in the Second World War. Yuriy Rubin wrote the original Russian version; translated into English by Alex Rubin; edited by David ben Abraham. The author wrote: “Dear Dr. Yosef! I express our deep gratitude for the moral and material support and for the high assessment of our work.” Vancouver.  (2019)

Gary Sim — Grants to assist with updating his monumental encyclopedic database of British Columbia artists, the BC Artists Alphabetical Index. It constitutes a significant addition to Canadian art scholarship by listing and describing over 19,000 artists active in B.C. from the 1700s to the present, as well as many thousands of artworks, artist biographies and other items. The information is presented in over 3,100 web pages, with 680 images, all extensively hyperlinked (there are more than 96,000 links in the project). Winner of BC Historical Federation Certificate of Merit, 2013. When Gary announced his intention to place the entire project on the Internet for free, Yosef was the first and lead donor to assist with expenses, bca/acknowle.htm.  (2018 and again in 2019)

Celebrating Ten Years: Poetry & Art — Edited by Bonnie Nish, privately printed in association with the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery at the Jewish Community Centre, Pandora’s Collective, and the Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library. The Yosef Wosk Poetry Initiative Grant at the Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver marked its 10th year with a celebratory gathering of artists and poets and with the publication of a commemorative book. Acknowledgment: “We would like to thank Yosef Wosk whose support over the years has been unwavering and helps to keep the poets’ work alive.”  (2019)

Eddy van der Veen (1922 – 2006) — Offered to support publication of biography and photobook by the European photographer, renowned photojournalist and longtime member of the AAGP. In discussion. (c. 2019)

Canadian Museums Association — Yosef conceived of evolving the recognition from the President’s Award to President’s Medal: worked with Executive Director John McAvity, and artist Robert Chaplin to design and produce the medal; commissioned the medal and book, wrote the text. The first iteration of the book and medal needed alterations. It was published as Handle With Care, President’s Award, Canadian Museums Association by Yosef Wosk [A Manipuler Avec Précaution, Le Prix Du Président par Yosef Wosk]. Revision of medal and book pending. (2019)

Rabbi Binyomin Bitton — Supported the work that led to publication, in Hebrew, of Kuntres Tsefunot Ha’Parshah, commentaries on the writings of Rabbi Yosef Rozen, the Rogachover Gaon. Also, multi-year series of research and publication grants for related projects such as supporter of Machon Tzfunot, a unique research and study institute that has undertaken to research, decipher, and publish the Rogachover Gaon’s scholarship in a clear and accessible format, making it available for the first time to the larger public. Classes and curricula, student guides, along with the Rogachover’s writings on the weekly parshah (sections of the Torah divided up into 52 weekly and other holiday study sessions).  (c. 2017 – 2019 – present)

Michael Torosian — Proprietor of the private press, Lumiere Press. He curated an exhibition and produced a book on the history of the press, a life retrospective. The Lumiere Press Archives: Photography and the Fine Press. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto (2019). He donated his archives to the best rare books library in Canada, the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at University of Toronto. Archives include material chronicling the genesis of each project, providing insights into the concept, design and craftsmanship of the editions. This archive encompasses a wide array of artifacts, including: correspondence, manuscripts, over a hundred and fifty hours of interviews and transcriptions, all generations of galleys and revisions, prototype bindings, imposition dummies, press ephemera, etc. (Grant in 2018; book 2021)

Alan Twigg and Phil Boname, Le Petit Prince — “The character of The Little Prince might have been inspired by someone who lives in British Columbia.” The interview of Phil Boname and article by Alan Twigg was made as a public service by R&R Productions. Published on ABC BookWorld, online encyclopedia of British Columbia literature.  (December 2019)

Xhuliano Ujka — Manuscript for film or stage play, The Cold Gray Dust.  Los Angeles and Albania. (2019)

Temma Gentles and FriendsTapestry of Spirit: The Torah Stitch by Stitch Project. An immersive installation of an inclusive social project to cross-stitch the Torah and selections from the Scriptures and Qur’an; collectively created by 1,500 volunteers of many faiths. The exhibition at the Textile Museum of Canada—the only museum in Canada dedicated to exploring the human experience through textiles—included over 1,000 panels by stitchers from 28 countries. Catalogue book, 192 pages, self-published by Torah Stitch by Stitch, Toronto.  (2019)

Arctic Social Sciences and Humanities: The Role of Library, Archival, and Information Sciences in the Circumpolar North. Grant to help publish one of the first books on Arctic library and information studies. Spencer Acadia, editor, Marthe T. Fjellestad, editor. A book of collected papers on topics related to the roles, activities, and scholarship of librarians, archivists, curators, and information professionals specifically within the context of Arctic social sciences and humanities. Editor Acadia wrote: “We are most grateful for the funds and plan to use them to partially cover the cost for colour image services, including some customised map/figure creations, and possibly language translation assistance in a few select instances.” Yosef found out about this book from the Polar Museums Network Listserv. Routledge, the international academic publisher.  (2018 for publication in 2019)

The Antarctic Times — Magazine of the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT), an organization that “works to advance the preservation, enhancement and promotion of Antarctic heritage and to inform and inspire a global audience.” Yosef, who is a life member of the Trust, made a donation to sponsor publication of one issue.  (2018)

Robert K. Headland — Historical Antarctic Sealing Industry. The publication is based on the proceedings of The Historical Antarctic Sealing Industry Conference 2016, the first gathering of global experts in this field. Included archaeologists, anthropologists, site and artefact conservators and managers; Antarctic social and economic historians. [In Editorial Preface, p. 9: “Grants from Dr Yosef Wosk OBC and the Scott Polar Research Institute allowed the publication of this volume.” The author also sent a note “…It would not have appeared without your contribution. Regards from a shipmate, Bob Headland.”] Yosef commented to the author: “Not only is it a feather in your cap but it is truly a significant historical document. You managed to work, plan, organize and hold the conference and then edit, layout and publish the proceedings. It is an attractive book, well-illustrated, and sensibly ordered.” Published through The Scott Polar Research Institute Occasional Publication Series, University of Cambridge, England.  (2018)

The Canadian Jewish Experience: A Celebration of Canada (L’Expérience Juive Canadienne) — Compiled by Tova and Jim Lynch. Book and nationally travelling exhibit were created in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Yosef was one of the principal sponsors (photograph p. 102). New Leaf Publication Design, Ottawa.  (2018)

Children with Intestinal & Liver Disorders—CH.I.L.D. Foundation Newsletter Magazine The CH.I.L.D. Foundation was established in 1995 by Grace McCarthy to fund research for children stricken with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and liver disorders. Published in Vancouver for a national audience.  (2018)

Ariel Burger — For his book The Teaching of Wonder: Lessons from Elie Wiesel’s Classroom. Email from the author on October 27, 2016: “I’m writing to let you know that my book on Elie Wiesel za’l’s legacy as a teacher has been picked up by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt, and b’H will be published in September 2018. This was possible due to your support, which allowed me time to craft a strong proposal, network with potential audiences for the book, and hunt for an agent who then found multiple publishers who were interested and bid on the book. I am so grateful for your support this last year, and am excited to complete the book over the coming one.” Kirva Institute for Torah and Spiritual Practice Fund, N.Y.; published by Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt.  (2018)

Spencer Stuart — Research grant leading towards publication of The International Rare Booksellers Interview Project. Its first phase involved a series of interviews in Europe: London (John Collins—Sotheby’s; Maggs Bros. Ltd., former director), Zurich (Marcus Benz—owner, EOS Buchantiquariat Benz and Vice President, Swiss Chapter of ILAB), Basel (Timur Yusel—owner, Erasmushaus [est. 1800]), Oslo (Thor Gunnar Naess—owner, Norlis Antikvariat As [est. 1890]), and Reykjavik (Ari Gisli—owner, Bokin ehf—Antikvariat). (Scheduled 2018 but still pending)

Art of the Book 2018 and Art of the Book 2013 — Every five years the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild organizes a juried, international touring exhibition of its members’ work and prints a catalogue. The 2013 sixth juried travelling exhibition marked the Guild’s 30th Anniversary. In 2018 the exhibition travelled across Canada to ten venues including the Audain Gallery, University of Victoria; University of the Fraser Valley, Abbotsford; University of Alberta, Edmonton; Regina Public Library, Regina; Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain, Winnipeg; McGill University Library, Montreal; Craft Ontario, Toronto; University of New Brunswick, Fredericton; Nova Scotia Centre for Craft and Design, Halifax; Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s. One of the intentions of the exhibition is that “the originality and artistic merit of these pieces will provide standards and inspiration for the books arts community.” Donations to assist with exhibition and catalogue. Toronto.  (2012 and 2018)

Tikkun Time — By artist and author Mordechai Robert Edel. A grant to assist with a book featuring his art on the mystical celebration of the Jewish calendar.  (c. 2018)

History of Illustration — A 554-page seminal textbook on illustration; Susan Doyle, editor (Rhode Island School of Design); Jaleen Grove, Associate Editor (Washington University, St. Louis); Whitney Sherman, Associate Editor (Maryland Institute College of Art). In Acknowledgments, p. xv: “There were no grants used in the making of this book. We express our gratitude, however, to patron of the graphic arts Yosef Wosk of Vancouver, British Columbia, for assistance with some travel and office expenses….” Published by Fairchild Books, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, New York, London, Oxford, New Delhi, Sydney.  (2018)

Hillel Goelman — Yosef assisted with research and publishing grant for a work on “Jewish perceptions of children and childhood through history. Using Talmudic references, Rambam’s Hilchot Talmud Torah and some of the Maharal’s writings on educational reform in the late 16th, early 17th century. Also looking at a 16th century Kabbalistic commentary on the section in Pirkei Avot that deals with the ages and stages of human development (“ben chamesh l’mikrah, ben eser l’mishnah, etc.”). I am interested in locating any visual images of children or childhood. The 17th century saw the first picture alphabet in English and I’m wondering about any kinds of parallel texts that might exist in the Jewish world.” Goelman is a former professor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, and Special Education and is an Associate Member of the Department of Pediatrics and the School of Population and Public Health at UBC.  (c. 2018)

Commonwealth Association of Museums (CAM) — Catherine C. Cole, representing the Association, wrote on January 7, 2018: “Thank you for your support of CAM last year – support which gave me the encouragement to persevere with fundraising for the Indigenous Heritage Roundtable and the Heritage and Nation Building Symposium held in Calgary in June. In the end we secured funding from the federal and provincial governments, UNESCO, the Canadian Museum of History, Athabasca University, and Know History (a corporate sponsor), and had a very successful event that has led to planning a book on postcolonial museology in the Commonwealth that CAM will co-publish with the Canadian Museum of History and Athabasca [University].”  (2017 – 2018)

Jewish Independent — Community newspaper. Various donations including fundraiser celebration to mark eighteen years of Cynthia Ramsay’s ownership and being publisher. In a special edition of the JI, Yosef wrote: “Congratulations to CR on your extraordinary achievements as Community Scribe. You follow in the rare lineage of those who have dedicated their lives to reporting, recording, and crafting opinions for consideration. You and your inspired staff have been with us in mourning as well as in celebration, in controversy and congratulations. You have been a witness and a commentator, a bearer of letters and light. Thank you for your labours. May you be blessed with good health, creativity and strength to carry on.”  (December 6, 2017)

Compensation: Chuck Davis — Yosef offered funds (a unique endeavor) to compensate authors who were never paid for articles published in Chuck Davis’s The Greater Vancouver Book: An Urban Encyclopedia. With the assistance of Alan Twigg, he took out advertisements in two issues of BC BookWorld and BC BookLook covering six months circulation. The ads, with illustration and instructions on how to apply, read:

A Notice to Authors Who Contributed to Chuck Davis’ The Greater Vancouver Book (1997), Linkman Press. Twenty years after its publication, a modest restitution grant is now available for writers who were contracted to write articles for the book but, unfortunately, were not paid due to financial circumstances. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: “The book was a great success but the finances were a total failure”. The book was described as an “882-page omnibus…. The monumental publishing enterprise proved disastrous on a personal level (“Memo to self: never publish, only write.”) but Davis’ massive reference work has only been eclipsed by the Encyclopedia of British Columbia as the most essential reference work about B.C.  (2017)

CAUSA [Collective for Advanced and Unified Studies in the Visual Arts] — David Bellman and Meirion Cynog Evans, CAUSA Research Curators. A series of projects developed around Robert Reid. Robert R. Reid: Old Words, New Orders. This documentary located Robert R. Reid’s ‘typographical design sense’ within the context of Vancouver’s ‘Allied Arts Movement’ (from 1949 to 1962). The project developed as an exploration of ‘experimental design culture’ and its (individuated) function within contemporary (mass-market) society. Exhibited at a series of venues. Accompanied by a book, still pending, by Robert R. Reid devoted to his allied arts legacy (from 1949 to 2017).  (2017 and c. 2019)

Textiles of the Banjara: Cloth and Culture of a Wandering Tribe – By Charllotte Kwon and Tim McLaughlin from the Maiwa Foundation; Thames & Hudson (2016). Although this donation was not for publishing pre-production, the grant did allow for purchase and distribution of approximately 100 volumes to be gifted to the artisans [embroiders] in India. The authors wrote: “We are planning a 6000 km road trip in November of this year—from Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh to the Shimoga Hills then over to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to personally give copies of the book to each of the Banjara who helped us with the book. We will film and document the trip. The journey will end in Pondicherry with a meal and exhibition of their work and the revival.”  (2017)

The Fjord Review — A national dance magazine created by Penelope Ford.  (2017)

Reinhold BoschkiComplete writings of Elie Wiesel in a new German translation. Boschki, a former fellow-student at Boston University, is a professor at Tubingen University, Germany, editor of the academic journal Zeitschrift fur christlich-judische Begegnung im context 1/2. Theme issue: “Elie Wiesel Seine Bedeutung fur Juden, Christen, und die ganze Menschheit.”

Yosef is also assisting with major donations to help publish 24 volumes of new translations into German of the Definitive and Complete Writings of Elie Wiesel (a twelve-year project) being carried out through the Elie Wiesel Research Center (Forschungsstelle Elie Wiesel) at Tübingen University lead by Prof. Dr. Reinhold Boschki, assisted by Prof. Daniel Krochmalnik at the University of Jewish Studies at Heidelberg. In 2021, Prof. Boschki wrote: “Your initial support has helped us so much that I can say that without it I would not have been able to establish the Elie Wiesel Research Center.” And: “After long years of writing applications, I have finally received a government grant to publish the complete works of Elie Wiesel in German. Without your generous support for this project, I would not have achieved this!”

In a subsequent report, Reinhold noted that: “We will soon publish the first scientific translation of “Night” here in Germany, which will be close to the Jewish original (words like “Shammes”, “Shtibl”, “B’racha”). It is especially meant to be read in schools and universities—but of course for all people. After that we will publish the first volumes of the complete work (autobiographies, novels, biblical, Talmudic, Hasidic writings, essays). In the end, God willing, there will be 24 volumes. In addition, we are creating materials to fight against anti-Semitism.”

Donations also assist with Elie Wiesel Research Conferences held in Germany.  (2017; 2022)

Midnite Train to Zion: An A to Z Photography Retrospective — Jahvtz Blanton, photographer, Ana Avital, editor; limited edition book on Rasta history and music. In Dedication and Celebrations: “A resounding ram’s horn symphony to esteemed friend Reb Yosef Wali Wosk. His generous grant and encouragement were instrumental in forwarding this photography retrospective.” Lively Up Management Press, Saratoga Springs, New York (2017)

Sustenance: Writers from BC and beyond on the subject of food. A poetry anthology edited and with a foreword by Vancouver Poet Laureate, Rachel Rose, created as her Poet Laureate legacy project. In Acknowledgments, p. 255, the editor wrote, among other comments: “Without the visionary support of Yosef Wosk, this book would not exist, nor would Vancouver have a Poet Laureate position.” Anvil Press, Vancouver.  (2017)

The Ormsby Review for prolific online publishing of high-quality BC-related book reviews. Published by Alan Twigg, BC BookWorld; Reviews Editor [and publisher since 2019] Richard Mackie; Advisory Panel: Jean Barman, Wade Davis, Cole Harris, Hugh Johnston, Patricia Roy, David Stouck, Graeme Wynn. “Serious writing about B.C. Culture.” For his support, Yosef was declared the Honorary Patron.  (2017 – present)

Harvard Magazine — Donation to support the publication, an editorially independent bi-monthly print and online magazine. Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  (2017)

Arts & Letters Daily — Donation to assist continued publication of this important online source of links to hundreds of humanities-related Internet articles.

Hadassah Magazine — Donation to support publication of print and online magazine of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, dedicated to education, health, women’s issues, and Jewish values. New York.

Theatre Under The Stars — Then in its 71st season; popular outdoor summer musical theatre in Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park. Provided funding for digitization and collection of archives and to help publish pending coffee table book planned for their 75th anniversary year history.  (2017)

The Torah Encyclopedia of the Animal Kingdom — By Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin, Director, The Biblical Museum of Natural History; donation to help publish the Hebrew edition.  (2017)

Madagasikara: Unfolding Beauty in Painting and Poetry — Paintings by Chan (Chan Sic Po), Madagascar, Hong Kong; poetry by Karen Lipsett, Vancouver. Madagasikara is a large format, high quality art book with a limited production of only 88 copies for sale, signed personally by Karen. Donation to assist with production.  (2017)

How It Goes: A Convocation Address by Robert Bringhurst. Originally delivered as a convocation address upon receiving an honorary doctorate from Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, 2016. Yosef suggested the address be published and covered most of the costs. Designed, hand-set and letterpress printed, English with some Chinese text, edition of 120 copies by Crispin & Jan Elsted, Barbarian Press, Mission, B.C.  (2017)

The Walking School Bus by Aaron Friedland. To help raise funds to support transportation for African children who often have to walk very long distances to and from school. Yosef also originated a fundraising idea: Walk to School Day, for students in more fortunate countries to walk to school at least one day a year and be sponsored to raise funds to send to Africa to purchase school buses. Also discussed funds for a second book; illustrator from India. Various donations including (c. 2017).

Elie Wiesel Initiatives

Attended, and financially supported, a gathering of about twelve senior long-time students and teaching assistants of Prof. Elie Wiesel who passed away July 2, 2016. Goals of the conference—attended by students/teachers from Jerusalem, Germany, Canada, and the United States—were to comfort one another, share stories and experiences, discuss legacy initiatives such as publishing a number of unique books, a complete Elie Wiesel Library in German translation, and eventually the same in French and English, initiation of study circles, curriculum, awards programs for community leadership, etc.

Yosef offered seed funding for any publication by those in attendance on aspects of Elie Wiesel’s life and teaching. So far, three grants have been awarded: For Reinhold Boschki’s team of German translators; Ariel Burger’s book on the legacy of our teacher; and Alan Twigg and Yosef’s book, Out of Hiding, in which Prof. Wiesel is mentioned a number of times and whose influence permeates the pages.

Held at the Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies, Boston University.

(January 29, 2017)

Crossroads: A True Story of Gina Dimant in War and Love by Olga Medvedeva-Nathoo. K&O Harbour, Vancouver (2014). Also, donation for the Russian edition published by Mitsva Association of Jewish National Organization of The Republic of Kazakhstan.  (2016)

Sono Nis Press — Located in Winlaw, B.C. Donation after a fire destroyed their press and archives; Diane Morriss, owner. One of the province’s historic and important publishers, also Morriss Press. (2016)

Syd C. Heal — Research funds sent to assist with each future book in his Maritime Series (twenty-one books previously published), written by him (with an occasional collaborator), published by his press, Cordillera Books, Vancouver, B.C. Possible titles: The Log Barges and The Log Ships, both published in 2007, leading to expanded, updated second editions, and production of an all-new Catalogue for Cordillera Books. Unfortunately, Heal passed away in 2017. (2016)

Heather RossThe Natural Eclectic: A design aesthetic inspired by nature. Ross both wrote and was photographer for this impressively illustrated volume. In Acknowledgements, Heather wrote: “Gratitude to the generosity of Mr. Yosef Wosk, who saw the potential in my book long before it unfolded.” And inscription: “Thank you for believing in me and helping my dream come true!” Figure 1 Publishing, Vancouver/Berkeley (2016)

Cutting Edge, a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of British Columbia A student-edited and peer reviewed online journal facilitating a community of discourse among students engaged in interdisciplinary research both locally and globally. Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program, UBC.  (2013 – 2015)

Sefer Mosdei Ha’Itanim: Rebbi Eliezer Ha’Gadol by Rabbi Binyomin Bitton, based on studies with Rabbi Lipa Dubrawsky featuring a unique style of talmudic interpretation as championed by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Vancouver and New York: Lubavitch Books LLC.  (2015)

Yosef Wosk Publications Endowment established for the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia and its affiliated Jewish Museum and Archives of BC. Unfortunately, it was subsequently liquidated to help pay Society debts.  (2007 – c. 2014)

Rabbi Dovid Davidowitz — Translated text from Hebrew and with commentary, from: Yaakov Yisrael Kanievsky, the Steipler Gaon, Birkath Peretz, novellae on the Torah. Parshat Yitro, Reah, Shemini, and Kedoshim. Autograph manuscript in Hebrew, written on the back of typewritten pages of the Steipler’s Kehilot Yaakov. The typewritten pages also contain a number of corrections in the author’s hand. Five leaves. The Steipler (1899 – 1985), although he held no official office, yielded enormous influence within the Torah world. This project was never completed but may be carried out by another in the future.  (2014)

CODEX — Book Art Object 2: Second catalogue of the Codex Foundation biennial international book exhibition and symposium, Berkeley, 2011. David Jury and Peter Rutledge Koch. Codex Foundation, Berkeley, California and Stanford University Libraries, Stanford, 2013.

Book Art Object is primarily a record of the third biennial CODEX Book Fair and Symposium, ‘The Fate of the Art,’ held at Berkeley, 2011. The event showcased contemporary artists books, fine press and fine art editions produced by the world’s most esteemed printers, designers, book artists, and artisans. The foreword is written by David Jury, and Peter Rutledge Koch provides an introduction to the subject. As well as showcasing 300 books by 140 artists/printers, this book also presents a selection of the papers delivered at the 2009 and 2011 symposium lectures.” Peter Koch, founder of CODEX, wrote [email June 9, 2012]: “Please accept our thanks for your gift that helped make it all possible. … Many Thanks for your support for the book and the civilizations that need them.” The Codex Foundation, Berkeley, California.  (2011 – 2012)

Daniel Sullivan — Tribes of the Omo River. Text and photography by Sullivan, a finalist for travel photographer of the year at the Royal Geographic Society, London, who currently lives in Paia, Hawaii. The book documents four tribes—the Kara, Nygantem, Hamer and Mursi—who live along the Omo River in Ethiopia, Africa. The book contains some of the first translations of the ancient tribal songs as well as the author’s journal entries and a 36-minute audio CD with recordings from the tribes mixed with the natural sounds of the jungle. Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, Hawaii.  (2012)

Ta Shma: Studies in Judaica in Memory of Israel M. Ta-Shma (Mehkarim B’Madaei Ha’Yehadut Le’Zikhro shel Yisrael M. Ta-Shma). Principal donor. Excerpts from the Preface: “Publication of this book was made possible by the generous donation of Rabbi Dr. Yosef Wosk of Vancouver, Canada, a friend of Ta-Shma’s, as a mark of appreciation and thanks for his scholarly work and unique contribution to Jewish studies.” “Rabbi Dr. Wosk has asked that the book be dedicated to generations of scholars who devoted their lives to seeking knowledge and to contact with the Infinite. Rabbi Wosk is evidently akin in this respect to Ta-Shma, who dedicated his collected works to ‘students of the Torah, wherever they are’.” Produced under direction of Ephraim Kanarfogel—E. Billi Ivry Professor of Jewish History, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish History, Yeshiva University—who wrote Yosef: “The work itself has been highly acclaimed in the scholarly community, both as a fitting tribute to Prof. Ta-Shma and as a work of important scholarship in its own right.” Initial donation made to the Zalman Shazar Center, Jerusalem in 2008; book published in 2011. Tevunot Press, Herzog College in Gush Etzion, Alon Shevut, Israel.  (2011)

The Hidden and the Revealed: The Queen Esther Mosaics of Lilian Broca — Highly illustrated with chapters by Lilian Broca (“Bringing Esther to Light”), Sheila Campbell (“A Biblical Thriller, Told for Centuries”), Yosef Wosk (“Beneath the Mask: Fragments of an Estr Scroll”), and Preface by artist Judy Chicago (“Envisioning [S]heroism”). Editor, Gareth Sirotnik; Designer, Linda Coe. Copyright Lilian Broca and Yosef Wosk. Gefen Publishing House, New York, Jerusalem.  (2011)

The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver — The final book by Chuck Davis (and other contributors). Howard White, Publisher, Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park, B.C.  (2011)

Chuck Davis Book Fund at the Vancouver Historical Society.  (2011)

Expressive Versus Ineffable Words: An Historical & Practical Overview of Sacred Text & Oral Tradition in Judaism. Two separate parts: the essay and a work booklet with Graphics of Letters, History of Jewish Law, Books of the Mishnah and their Contents, a Typical Page of Talmud, Glossary of Hebrew Terms, Who Wrote the Books of the Bible, and a Kabbalistic Diagram.

Published as a monograph by Aryel Publishing House for use by:

1) The sixth annual conference of the Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing International Convention hosted by The Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing, Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre. The opening plenary session—“Points of Contact: Cultures, Traditions, Print and Orality”was held at the First Nations Long House, University of British Columbia (July 1998);

2) Parliament of the World’s Religions, Cape Town, South Africa (December 1-8, 1999); and

3) “Selected Topics in Classical Jewish Thought,” Seniors Program, Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University at Harbour Centre (January – February 2010).

The Alcuin Society presents The Robert Reid Medal for a Lifetime of Excellence [in the Book Arts in Canada] — With essay “Reflections on Robert Reid” by Yosef Wosk [translated into French by Sabine Mabardi], and gold-plated medal [dimensional illustration] designed by Robert Chaplin. The Alcuin Society, Vancouver. (First published in 2010; presented as part of the national award ceremony until present.)

Ballgame by Janice Kerbel, an audio broadcast of an “ideal baseball game”. Ballgame (Pregame) comprises an audio recording evoking the kind of speculation and analysis commonly preceding an impending baseball game. Janice Kerbel has worked with the past 100 years of baseball statistics to construct a mathematically ‘average’ game, to play with what is widely considered the most quantified and statistically exploited sport in the world. Pregame represents the first part of this major, ongoing project that will eventually encompass a complete, play-by-play single-voice announcement of the full sequence of nine innings of a carefully scripted, but unplayed, baseball game. The work allows for a scrutiny of the performance of language, the tenor of hope and disappointment, anticipation and distraction. (c. 2010)

Vancouver Review — Donations for a number of years to support publication. It was a quarterly magazine of new writing and reviews of arts & literature. Editor and publisher Gudrun Will.  (2005 – c. 2010)

British Columbia Book Prizes — Yosef initiated the BC Book Prize Endowment Fund ($10K) at the Vancouver Foundation in 2009 and co-sponsored the Roderick Haig-Brown Regional Prize for one year (2010).

The Writer’s Guide to Publishing in Literary Magazines and Entering Contests by Ayelet Tsabari. “Enabled by the generous support of Yosef Wosk, Ph.D., O.B.C.” Copyrighted by The Writer’s Studio at Simon Fraser University; Betsy Warland Director of The Writer’s Studio, The Writing and Publishing Program.  (2009)

A Verse Map of Vancouver — Edited by George McWhirter, photography by Derek von Essen. Mentioned in the Introduction and under the page entitled The Poet Laureate: “The Poet Laureate Program was made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Yosef Wosk whose significant cultural leadership in Vancouver includes ongoing support for libraries and the literary arts.” Anvil Press, Vancouver.  (2009)

Life of the 14th Dalai Lama — by Tetsu Saiwai [a manga artist from Japan]. It is a “Biographic Novel” in comic book format, with Tibetan text, for young children and a second version for teenagers. It “is a graphic adaptation of the true story about his country, his people, his struggle, and his non-violence.” One of five donors—through TRAS [Trans-Himalayan Aid Society]—who funded the comic book style story of the life of the Dalai Lama, for the Tibetan children. The Tibetan Department of Education in Dharamsala, India, with Emotional Content LLC, Los Angeles and Yokohama, Japan; printed in Delhi.  (2009)

I Have a Story to Tell You — By Seemah Berson. Life Writing Series, The Wilfrid Laurier University Press, Waterloo, Ontario.  (2009)

The Chronicle — Theme of issue: “The Year in Review”. Magazine of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia and the Jewish Museum & Archives of BC.  (December 2008 – February 2009)

Joe Ruggier — Various editions of poetry and prose by his press, Multicultural Books, Richmond, B.C. The 4th edition of Pope Caesar’s Wake: Letters to Pope Woytyla was partially dedicated “to my dear friend Jozef Wosk, Ph.D. who was the very first reader within my circle to read all of these letters with intense admiration as they emerged from my word-processor”.  (1998 —2009)

The Scribe — Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia. Theme of issue: Cyril E. Leonoff’s book The Rise of Jewish Life and Religion in British Columbia: 1858-1948. Vol. XXVIII.  (2008)

Jewish Life: The Guide to Jewish Life in British Columbia — Information on community organizations & services; a project of Shalom B.C.  (2006 – 2008)

Gareth Sirotnik — Research grant for historical novel. Also, a post-publication grant for his book Words Become You: Communicating (and Living) More Fluently, Trafford Publishing; in addition to Independent Scholars grant for initial work and then a six-month mentorship with Vancouver Manuscript Intensive.  (2008 – present)

Michael Picard — Grants to assist with research, writing and the publication of An A-Z Guide to Philosophy, Philosophy Sports (“a new form of public participatory philosophy”), and Cafe Conversation, as well as other Independent Scholars grants such as purchasing a microphone and funds for website development for Picard’s Cafe Philosophy in Victoria in 2008, computer “app” development for Philosophy Sports, and travel grants to attend international conferences such as the Mexico 2018 ICPP International Congress of Philosophical Practice, the largest world congress in philosophical practice.  (c. 2008 – present)

Israel @ 60!, Visual Art Exhibit — Catalogue for Zack Gallery, Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver.  (2008)

Ayelet Tsabari — An Israeli-Canadian writer from the Writers’ Studio, SFU; research grant to travel to Israel to visit museums, libraries, and do interviews with elderly Yemenis who emigrated from Northern Yemen by foot before the founding of Israel in 1948. Working title of novel about Yemeni Jews, Hot Peppers with Yemeni Masala.  (2007)

The Scribe — Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia. Theme of issue: “A History of Torah Scrolls in BC’s Jewish Communities”; Vol. XXVI, No. 2.  (2007)

Larry GreenArt, Meaning and Psychotherapy.  (c. 2007)

Jesus in Twentieth-Century Literature, Art and Movies — A collection of ten articles on Jesus in twentieth-century culture; edited by Paul C. Burns, Department of Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies at UBC. Donation to assist with addition of illustrations and colour plates; published by Continuum: New York, London.  (2007)

A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki — Yosef encouraged and funded the Supplementary Text Booklet that accompanied the DVD film documentary. Michael Goldberg, director. The D. T. Suzuki Documentary Project, Japan Inter-Culture Foundation, Tokyo. (2006)

Museums Matter: A Tribute to Stephen Weil — Significant donation to honour the memory of one of the luminaries in the museum world, Emeritus Senior Scholar of the Smithsonian Institution, Stephen Weil. The event—a three-day conference of forty invited attendees from around North America and England—was co-sponsored by the Cultural Resource Management Program at the University of Victoria and the Getty Leadership Institute. Most of Yosef’s funds were directed to design, produce and distribute Museums Matter: A Reader [a festschrift focusing on ways that museums play meaningful roles in contemporary society]; also provided travel costs for speakers.  (September 13-15, 2006)

Derek Evans — The Penticton Papers: Occasional Essays from the Philosophers’ Cafés (c. 2006)

Marla Rosen — Assistance with book and CD project: Emotions.  (2006)

Guidelines: Roles and Responsibilities of Museum Boards of Trustees / Principes directeurs: Rôles et responsabilités des conseils d’administration des musées. [“This is a very meaningful contribution to the development of all museums and related heritage institutions in Canada,” John McAvity, executive director, CMA]. This major grant was for both print and electronic publications that were updated and distributed to every member museum and gallery in Canada. Guidelines was co-published by the Canadian Museums Association and the Canadian Art Museum Directors Organization, Ottawa.  (2005)

Tsunami Journey: 70 days in Sri Lanka: A Story of Rebuilding — By Len Walker, Tsunami Haven Pre-Schools, Qualicum Beach, B.C.  (2005)

“The Alcuin Society 2004 Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada: Prix pour l’excellence de la conception graphique du livre au Canada conférés par la Société Alcuin, 2004,” first bilingual catalogue. [“As well as helping us financially over a period of eight years, Dr. Wosk has, with enthusiasm, wisdom, and specific clear advice, helped us to increase the awards from the relatively modest undertaking they once were to the national competition they are today.”], p. 44.  (June 2005 – present)

Talmud Torah Carnival & Spring Fair — Special edition newspaper, published and edited by The Jewish Western Bulletin, Vancouver.  (2005)

Chuck Davis — The Greater Vancouver Book: An Urban Encyclopaedia — Chuck Davis, editor in chief; 200 writers and nearly 400 articles. Published by Chuck Davis and John Cochlin, Linkman Press, Surrey, B.C. And other grants from time to time.  (1997, [2005])

Siddur Ha’Tefillah: Bilingual (Hebrew and Amharic [Ethiopian]) prayer book — Translated by HaRav Yosef Hadane, chief rabbi for Ethiopian Jews in Israel; Sokhnut—The Jewish Agency for Israel, Jerusalem [unsure if publication was fully realized in this format].  (2005)

Sefer Torah Scroll — Contributed funds towards the writing of a new Torah scroll for the Ohel Ya’akov Community Kollel in memory of Jack Diamond, Vancouver; under the direction of Rabbi Avraham Feigelstock. Our family donated the Torah Crown in honour of my children Avraham Sa’adya, Rahel Malka and Elisheva Chaya, and in memory of our parents and grandparents, Morris J. and Dena Wosk. Also contributed to another Chabad-Lubavitch Torah for the Richmond, B.C. community.  (Dedication April 10, 2005)

A History of the Jews by Simon Dubnov — A highly abridged and translated into Russian volume by Yuriy Rubin, Most-Bridge [Russian-Jewish Seniors Society: “One of the goals of the Most-Bridge society is to help newcomers who have arrived from the former Soviet Union to learn more about the history of their Jewish ancestors as well as their culture and traditions.”] [“We express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Yosef Wosk, who graciously helped us to reprint this work in Vancouver. Through his generosity we are able to present this work to each member of our society.”]. Vancouver.  (2005)

Schema — A magazine celebrating ethnic [Oriental] cool. Alden Habacon, Publisher and Creative Director, Schema Magazine/Navigate Media, Vancouver.  (2004 – 2005)

John Cherny (Cerny) — Cerny (Czechoslovakia, Canada, Israel) brought the book-length manuscript to Yosef to assist with major editing of The Devil’s Workshop: A Memoir of the Nazi Counterfeiting Operation by Adolf Burger, and also to find an English-language publisher. A professional editor was engaged and the work was completed but another English-language publisher was found. Burger was a consultant for the film The Counterfeiters, winner of the 2008 Foreign Language Oscar. His memoir has been published in Hungarian, Persian, Japanese and Czech.  (c. 2005)

Hamid AlikuzaiA Comprehensive Traditional History of Afghanistan (illustrated). (c. 2005)

Sefer Ma’ah’marei Ha’Tannaim — Institute of SMA, Jerusalem, Brooklyn.  (2004)

Guide to Jewish Life in British Columbia — Shalom B.C. Information, Welcome and Volunteer Centre, Vancouver.  (2003)

The First Greater Vancouver Catalogue of Jewish Learning — Jewish adult education programs in the community, Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver.  (2002-2003)

The Alcuin Society Awards for Excellence in Book Design in Canada / Prix de la Société Alcuin pour l’excellence de la conception graphique du livre au Canada — major grants to help publish annual catalogues. Other improvements to the Awards—as quoted in part from a December 29, 1999 letter from Richard Hopkins, chair of the Awards Committee—included: “Your generous support to the Alcuin Society’s Canadian Book Design Awards made a significant difference to this year’s competition. Some of the improvements that we were able to make include: 1) strengthening of the Design Committee; 2) production of a Procedures Manual; 3) redesign of the Application Form; 4) ability to bring in judges from other parts of Canada to begin to broaden the geographical representation; 5) acquire a better venue for judging; 6) production of a more elaborate catalogue of the award winning books; 7) citations sent to both the publisher and the designer for the first time; 8) design of a seal for award winners to display on their books; 9) display of the award winning books at Word on the Street; 10) display of the award winning books at the Canadian Graphic Designers trade show; 11) article in Quill & Quire about the competition; 12) article in B.C. BookWorld about the competition. The Alcuin Society, Vancouver.  (1999 – present)

Nachum Tim Gidal — The Jews in Germany [Hebrew edition] published posthumously; Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem and New York.  (1997)

Jewish Views of the Afterlife — Book by Simcha Paull Raphael, Jason Aronson Publishers, Northvale, N.J. & London.  (1994)

The Jewish Woman in Rabbinic Literature: A Psychosocial Perspective — Book by Dr. Menachem M. Brayer, Ktav Publishing House, Hoboken, New Jersey.  (1986)

The Conquest of Time: A Study in the Dynamics of Creativity — Monograph by Rabbi Chaim Lifshitz, Sadnat Enosh Publications, Jerusalem.  (1975)

Assistance to some of Yosef’s own published works

GIDAL: The Unusual Friendship of Yosef Wosk and Tim Gidal (Letters & Photographs). Edited by Alan Twigg; Curated with associate editing, footnotes and preface by Yosef Wosk. Published by Douglas & McIntyre.  (2022)

Memories of Jewish Poland: The 1932 Photographs of Nachum Tim Gidal — Curated and with a preface by Yosef Wosk; introduction by Nissan N. Perez, former senior curator of photography, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; organized by Diane Evans. Gefen Publishing House, Jerusalem and New York.  (2020)

Five Blessings and A Dare — Response to graduands at the graduation and honorary doctorate ceremonies of Simon Fraser University. A revised and illustrated fine press version of the Response to Graduands offered by Yosef upon being presented with the degree of Doctor of Letters honoris causa by Simon Fraser University, June 14, 2012. With extensive endnotes; illustrated. Book designed by Robert R. Reid; limited edition of 50 copies, printed by MET Fine Printers and bound by the Rasmussen Bindery using hand-marbled paper made by Phyllis Greenwood. Aryel Publishing House, Vancouver.  (2018)

“Judith as Literary Mosaic: An Archetype for the Ages”, significant scholarly chapter with almost 200 footnotes, pp. 11 – 45, in Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca, which also contained essays by Lilian Broca, Sheila Campbell, Angela Clarke, and Adolfo Roitman, with a foreword by Rosa Graci. Angela Clarke, Curator of Il Museo, wrote in her Acknowledgements: “I want to take this time to recognize the Government of British Columbia for their financial assistance, as well as Dr. Yosef Wosk. Dr. Wosk extended his generosity to this project in many ways, offering not only financial support, but also wise guidance throughout every step of the catalogue’s completion. It was an honour to work with you.” Book published by Il Museo at the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver.  (2015)

The Hidden and the Revealed: The Queen Esther Mosaics of Lilian Broca — Highly illustrated with chapters by Lilian Broca (“Bringing Esther to Light”), Sheila Campbell (“A Biblical Thriller, Told for Centuries”), highly annotated prose poem by Yosef Wosk (“Beneath the Mask: Fragments of an Estr Scroll”), and Preface by artist Judy Chicago (“Envisioning [S]heroism”). Editor, Gareth Sirotnik; Designer, Linda Coe. Copyright Lilian Broca and Yosef Wosk. Gefen Publishing House, New York, Jerusalem.  (2011)

Reflections on Art & the Artist, based upon honorary doctorate oration for the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Text by Yosef Wosk; preface by Ron Burnett; designed by Robert R. Reid, two tipped-in colour illustrations. Limited edition of 500 with 50 deluxe copies. Aryel Publishing House, Vancouver.  (2005)

Time: a Jewish Perspective — Collation of significant material for the course “Time: Jewish Understanding & Observance.” From the catalogue: “Judaism describes an intimate relationship with various types of secular and sacred time. It recognizes time’s unique texture and character when expressed as a weekday or a Sabbath, a holiday or in mourning, as a feast or fast. In these sessions we will not only study text and theory but will also engage in some of the ancient ritual practices in observance and celebration of time.” A series of classes taught as Scholar/Rabbi-in-Residence, Naramata Centre, The United Church of Canada, Naramata, B.C.  (August 20-26, 2000)

Film, Video or Audio productions that received grants

As in above published works, Yosef assisted in whole or in part and served as producer for some of these entries:

Le Petit Prince /Alan Twigg — “Finding The Little Prince in Vancouver.” A 23-minute video interview, available on YouTube, of Phil Boname, who, as a boy in France and New York, may have been the inspirational model for Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince. Interviewed by Alan Twigg; camera by Laura Sawchuk; with Yosef’s participation. R&R Productions [R&R is a modest but prolific venture, being the abbreviation for Robin and Ranger]. (December 2019)

Hayden Family Collection — Yosef initiated and sponsored the videotaping of A Treasured History: A Story of Loss, Courage and Renewal by Dr. Michael Hayden, telling the story of the Hahn family and their collection of Judaica before, during and after the Holocaust. It was the keynote address for Kristallnacht Remembrance, Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre. The event, attended by 400 at the Jewish Community Centre, is also featured on the VHEC website where the video is available. Videographer was David Cooperstone.  (November 7, 2019)

Célia Lowenstein

Donations to assist with expenses related to her documentary on synagogues around the world with examples from Hungary (Budapest), Israel (the Kotel/Wall, and international examples reconstructed in Israel Museum from India [Cochin], Suriname, Germany [Horb am Main], and Italy), United States (Elkins Park), Italy (Venice), Tunisia (Djerba), Spain (Cordoba; Toledo), and Holland (Amsterdam). In a December 29, 2016 email, Célia wrote: “Dear Yosef Wosk, I was stunned by your email, sent to me this evening via my most wonderful friend, Melanie [Friesen]. I can assure you that never in my life have I been on the receiving end of such uncomplicated generosity from a stranger. Your gesture came at a time when I am writing the script for the film and am finding it hard going. So my spirits have been lifted by your generous gesture and your kind words make me feel that I am being heard and felt—even at a distance!” (2017, 2018)

Seventy Year Anniversary of the Canadian Museums Association — Paid for the specially commissioned historical video depicting a historical timeline of the national organization that oversees Canadian museums; Ottawa.  (2017)

Memorial celebration for David Brown — Held at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Anglican Church, Vancouver; David Cooperstone videographer.  (October 17, 2015)

Rededication ceremony of the Jewish Cemetery at Mountain View Cemetery (est. 1892), Vancouver. Produced on behalf of the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia; video by Studio Video Facilities. (May 3, 2015)

The Original Promise — “The film follows veteran TV host, Doug Kooy, and Farrah Aviva on a video-odyssey as they discover a country that is seldom seen in the mainstream media. This is a documentary that discovers the heart and soul of the people of Israel.” Filmed in Israel and Vancouver, Walter Kooler Productions and The Promise Entertainment Corporation. Yosef supported the film, the DVD and the book.  ([2009] 2012)

Chuck Davis —Sponsored the production of commemorative video for the acceptance speech of Chuck Davis, 2010 recipient of the George Woodcock Award for Lifetime Achievement for Writing in British Columbia. Held at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver campus.  (2011)

John K. Friesen Celebration of Life in Memory of John K. Friesen, C.M., D.F.C., B.A., M.A., ED.D., L.L.D. (June 11, 1912 – June 12, 2010). Presenters spoke about different aspects of John’s life; Yosef spoke about “Retirement Years and Reflections on a Life Well-Lived”. Frederic Wood Theatre, University of British Columbia.  (Sunday, August 8, 2010)

Democracy: The Intent and the Reality — Produced by The Seniors Program, Alan D. Aberbach, director, and The Seniors Lifelong Learners Society, Simon Fraser University.  (2009)

Seniors Rights and the Challenge of Seniors Abuse — Produced by The Seniors Program, Alan D. Aberbach, director, and The Seniors Lifelong Learners Society, Simon Fraser University.  (2009)

Basbanes Lectures — Hosted by the Alcuin Society, Yosef was the principal sponsor for an extended visit to Vancouver by Nicholas Basbanes, author of Gently Mad and considered one of the preeminent writers on bibliophiles and all things related to books. Yosef also produced audiotaping of the Basbanes Lectures—eight in four days (October 28 -31, 2008), in various venues including Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Museum, University of Victoria, and Victoria Conservatory of Music. Recorded and edited by David Cooperstone, The Studio Video Facilities.  (2008)

Grandparenting in the 21st Century — Produced by The Seniors Program, Alan D. Aberbach, director, and The Seniors Lifelong Learners Society, Simon Fraser University.  (2008)

Kol Halev — Three videos featuring the Kol Halev Performance Ensemble (dance, song and theatre): performance at the Gala Opening of the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia (March 25, 2007); Life During Wartime (November 22, 2007); and Chutzpah! Festival (March 2008). Remained as the ensemble’s patron for a number of years.

The Fraser River Journey: 200 Years of Discovery — Follows twelve Aboriginal youths from British Columbia on a raft trip down the Fraser River as they learn about their province, their heritage and themselves. Filmed during the bicentennial of Simon Fraser’s 1808 exploration of the river that now bears his name. A documentary film produced by the Learning and Instructional Development Centre under the guidance of Rick Walker, Simon Fraser University.  (2008)

City Reflections: Vancouver 1907 – 2007 — Narrated documentary of the earliest known film footage of the city taken by William Harbeck in 1907 and juxtaposed, one hundred years later, with film of the same route, thereby noting a dramatic century of change. Vancouver Historical Society.  (2008)

Multiculturalism and the Canadian Identity: The Changing Faces of Canada — Produced by The Seniors Program, Alan D. Aberbach, director, and The Seniors Lifelong Learners Society, Simon Fraser University.  (2008)

Reidfest: An evening to celebrate Robert R. Reid and his many contributions to the book arts — Produced and partially funded by Yosef; co-sponsored by Simon Fraser University Library and the Alcuin Society. Service to complete the project included filming, editing, disc duplication, full-colour disc label, DVD cases, full-colour cover printing, assembly and shrink-wrap.  (November 16, 2007)

A Celebration of Yosef Wosk — Presented by Vancouver Public Library and Simon Fraser University, at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue.  (May 31, 2007)

Gala Opening of the Jewish Museum and Archives of British Columbia — Video production by YW and The Studio; the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.  (March 25, 2007)

Costa-Gavras and Allan King in Conversation — At the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, President’s Forum, Simon Fraser University.  (October 2006)

Rimmerfest: An evening to celebrate Jim Rimmer and his many contributions to the book arts — Co-sponsored by Simon Fraser University Library, the Alcuin Society, and Yosef Wosk, Vancouver.  (November 25, 2006)

Perceptions of God and Heaven (The Afterlife) — Produced by The Seniors Program, Alan D. Aberbach, director, and The Seniors Lifelong Learners Society, Simon Fraser University.  (2006)

A Zen Life: D.T. Suzuki 

Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki’s life story (1870-1966); the scholar and master who is credited with introducing Zen Buddhism to the West, with thematic segments on: Satori, East & West, Christianity & Buddhism, Self Power & Other Power, Zen — Religion or Philosophy?, Zen & Psychoanalysis, Zen & the Arts, Life & Death. Produced and directed by Michael Goldberg; co-producer John Wittmayer. International Videoworks (IVW) production company with Japan Inter-Culture Foundation, Tokyo, United States, and Canada. This is Yosef Wosk in Japanese . (2005 – 2006)

Roméo Dallaire in Conversation — Canadian military, commander of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda during the genocide; author, senator and Lieutenant-General. At the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, President’s Forum, Simon Fraser University.  (October 2005)

Medicine, Morals and Money: A Conversation with Nancy Olivieri, M.D. and Guests — At the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, President’s Forum, Simon Fraser University.  (October 2005)

Jeffrey D. Sachs in Conversation — Sachs is Director, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, renowned economist, leader in the area of sustainable development and poverty reduction. Event at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, President’s Forum. “The President’s Forum, hosted and moderated by SFU President Michael Stevenson, engages distinguished visitors to the university, both national and international, in public dialogue on the major issues for which they are known.” Simon Fraser University.  (October 2005)

A Light for Greytowers — A feature movie musical for women and girls, produced and directed by Robin Garbose for Kol Neshama, Los Angeles.  (2005)

Corporate Social Responsibility and Right to Health: Dialogue with Mary Robinson — Former president of Ireland and United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights, winner of the Jack P. Blaney Award for Dialogue, at The Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue and the Four Seasons Hotel, Vancouver.  (2005)

Two thousand years before creation: A book collector’s journey from Jerusalem to New York and from distant auctions to the used bookshops of those occasional cities. Yosef Wosk presenter; part of ‘Share the Enthusiasm’ series of book collectors talks, sponsored by Special Collections, Simon Fraser University Library, in conjunction with the Alcuin Society; at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue.  (March 23, 2005)

The Governor General’s Dialogue on The Good City — Video initiated and produced by Yosef, featuring the Governor General of Canada, Adrienne Clarkson, and John Ralston Saul, at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver.  (September 22, 2004)

The James Bailey Project: One Throw of the Dice — [Combining live performance and film media], Tom Scholte, director, Irreverent Media, producer, Vancouver [not sure if this production was ever fulfilled].  (2004 – 2006)

Sentimental Journey: The Docutoon — A documentary charity fundraiser film that exemplifies the senior citizens of Canada. A Margaret Taylor and Agnes Frobb production; Satellite Video Exchange Society, Vancouver.  (2004)

The University of Life Lecture Series — Four cassette audio recordings on the theme “Biblical models of leadership drawn from Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures,” featuring Rev. Dr. Iain Provan (Elijah), Rev. Dr. James I. Packer (Nehemiah), Rabbi Dr. Yosef Wosk (Moses), and Rev. David Short (Samson). Presented in honour of Mayor Philip and Brita Owen’s contributions to leadership in Vancouver. Saint John’s Shaughnessy Anglican Church, Vancouver.  (January 5, 12, 19 & 26, 2004)

Dr. Yosef Wosk Dance Video Library — The only facility of its kind in Western Canada, a video archive of more than 2000 tapes with over 2500 titles featuring individual as well as group performances, used for study, inspiration and to provide a permanent record of what are, by nature, transient art experiences. The Dance Centre [comprised of 30 dance companies and 250 individual members], Vancouver.  (2003 – present)

Fix: The Story of an Addicted City — Winner of Genie Award for best Canadian documentary for 2003; Canada Wild Productions, Nettie Wild, director / producer; supported by Mayor Philip Owen.  (2003)

Comitium — [Short, animated, on the history and nature of dialogue, national broadcast on Bravo Network], Beetle Box Media, Elizabeth Levine, producer, Vancouver.  (2002)

Vancouver International Children’s Festival Promotional Video — [Catalyst & majority funding], produced by The Canadian Institute of the Arts for Young Audiences, Vancouver.  (1996)

A Journey Home: Europe after the Holocaust — Rebecca Rottenberg, producer, Toronto. (1979)